"Only your loved ones can give you the power to fight"

— Erza Scarlet

Yami Himura is Dark Mage of Fairy Tail.

Yami Himura

Queen of the Night




15px-Female female




5 ft 8 inches


102 LBS


April 1st

Hair Color

Strawberry red

Eye Color

one dark blue one light blue

Blood Type


Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation

Mermaid Heel

Guild Mark Location

lower back


Dark Mage


Ying/ Yang

Previous Team

Team Badasss


Aiko Fujaro

Previous Partner(s)

Lucy Heartfila Erza Scarlet

Base of Operations

Fairy tail guild

Personal Status



Erza Scarlet - Cousin Maya Himura - Little sister - Deceased Hias Himura - Mother Eijio Himura - Brother


Karoka Hemisha


Black Arts


Dark blade, Key to the starry Heavens, Heart throb bow

Anime Debut

October 31ST,2009

Japanese Voice

Rie Kugimiya


Yami has Two different eye colors that usually change colors: Gold and Silver. She has wavy strawberry red hair that usually has a ribbon headband or a lace pink bow. She has a curvaceous body. Her black fairy tail stamp is located in the lower back of her spine. Yami is seen to always wear different outfits. Her main style is a short mini skirt, thigh long stockings with high heels or boots. She is mostly seen having a red cloak covering her upper body. She sometimes follow the styles of Lucy Heartfila and Erza Scarlet.


Yami takes pride in her powers, mostly going into a boastful state when she wins a challenge. She is sometimes quiet, caring and most of all Funny. Having studied the teachings of Zeref, she sometimes turns sadistic when she uses to much of her dark magic. Yami has a two sided personality when she meets people. When she can meet a stranger and get to know them, she is happy and innocent. When she meets a stranger and dislikes them, She tends to be cold and heartless. Although, Yami is full of mixed emotions, during a battle with friends she takes the role of a powerful leader. Like her guild mates, she tends to get into numerous fights and has fun drinking with Cana. She cares deeply for her loved ones.

Magic and Abilities

Black Arts : Having studied the teachings of Zeref, Yami is able to cast dangerous and forgotten dark spells that takes away some of her sanity. Her spells include Dark magic rush, Death circle, Resurrection, Death orb and many more Teleportation : She is able to teleport to any location possible of the Dark realm. Weapons : - Dark Blade : A sharp cutting blade that is able to cut through anything. Is created with manifest dark magic. - Key to the Starry Heavens : A gold key that is able to send thousands of Dark stars plummeting to the opponent.Can deal an huge amount of damage if used at night. - Heart Throb Bow : A bow made of manifest of Drak magic. The bow is able to hit any target dirctly in the heart. The bow however has different effects from a throbbing heart to a ice cold one. Enhanced Speed : She is able to run faster than a blink of an eye. Her moves also enhance with her speed. Dark Healer : Sends spores of dark mist that can heal crucial damage.


Aiko Fujaro : A powerful S-Class Mage that is able to manipulate and control Light. She is the second member of the Ying/ yang team. She has gray long hair, amd has blue eyes. She is most seen wearing long sleeve dresses. Lucy Heartfila : sees lucy as a best girlriend. Erza Scarket : both share love a sweets and is her cousin by blood.

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