- Master, that mountain is impossible... for me it is... im only an human... nothing more... - Said Tsuna, with an melancholic face about the first task he needed to do, but he thinked that he was too wicked to do such task.

- Why do you say that's impossible? - Interrogates Flame, with an serious face - Did you even trie? No, if you don't try, then how you'r saying that you can´t?

- Im only an kid...- Replied comically - You can teach me the God Slayer Magic, but being a Kid, i cannot do such thing...

- You have me... Flame will be always with you! - Replied his adoptive father, with an smile on his creature lips - Just use your feelings and then you will receive such amazing power, that will trepass even your most dangerous foes... trust me boy!

- Okay... - Tsuna took the advice very seriously, well he was serious then ever.  Tsuna inspired so hard but so hard that when he was prepare to do his technique, all that was on the front outside destroyed - Flame God's Bellow!! - The mountain was incinerated to ashes, much to suprise of Tsuna.

- Wow, you were right, for an Sage Dragon, you can give me such good advices... old man! - Smiled.

- Eheh, you see... the power of the feelings will trepass everyone!

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