• I live in Portugal
  • I was born on June 10
  • I am Male
  • TsunaDeagonOC

    - Master, that mountain is impossible... for me it is... im only an human... nothing more... - Said Tsuna, with an melancholic face about the first task he needed to do, but he thinked that he was too wicked to do such task.

    - Why do you say that's impossible? - Interrogates Flame, with an serious face - Did you even trie? No, if you don't try, then how you'r saying that you can´t?

    - Im only an kid...- Replied comically - You can teach me the God Slayer Magic, but being a Kid, i cannot do such thing...

    - You have me... Flame will be always with you! - Replied his adoptive father, with an smile on his creature lips - Just use your feelings and then you will receive such amazing power, that will trepass even your most dangerous foes... trust me…

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