• The Next Benny Goodman


    September 21, 2013 by The Next Benny Goodman

    Hello, fellow Fairy Tail fans. I am a British teen who has just joined Wikia in order to make her fanfiction, which is currently festering in a OneNote file, open to the world. Don't be fooled by my age, though: I'm not just some crazed fanbrat with a loud mouth and an obssession with bishounen. I always try to make sure my work is of a high standard and I always check my grammar and spelling before I publish.

    Be warned: I am completely new to Wikia and thus am completely inexperienced with everything here. If there's anyone who can give me any tips, please do not hesitate to put a message on my wall.

    Farewell, fellow Fairy Tail fans. I am off to write my very first article: wish me luck! :)

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