The Four Heavenly Kings


S-Class Mages

Lisia, Romeo, Aria and Spencer

A team created by Makarov Dreyar, this team is composed of the strongest S-Class Mages in the Fairy Tail Guild. Each member uses Dragon Slaying Magic, and is associated with the 4 elements, Water (Lisia), Fire (Romeo), Sky (Aria) and Rock (Spencer). The members also have the abilities to 'Primal Reverse' which allows them to turn into a stronger version of themselves (preferably gaining the abilities of their ancestors), giving them more power as ever.

Power Edit

The Four Heavenly Kings are the strongest team in Fairy Tail, and is top one is the strongest team in every guild in the entire world.

Members Edit

Lisia Rosales

Lisia is one of the most strongest in this team, tied with Romeo Conbolt. Lisia is highly intelligent, often answers logic questions easily. Lisia has been raised by the Water Dragon, Hydra. After joining Fairy Tail, she quickly became an S-Class Mage, and after some few months, she became a member of the strongest team in Fairy Tail, The Four Heavenly Kings. She has no idea that Romeo has feelings for her.

Romeo Conbolt

Romeo is one of the most strongest in this team, tied with Lisia Rosales. Romeo is known for his strength and power, and is usually rash.