Tai, is a S-Class Mage from the guild, Infinity Shade, being not the guild master but leader of the guild has given him a lot of practice on how to lead and command. His main asset is his brain as his strategy is what gets him through most fights. He utilizes a forbidden magic called, daímonas magic which utilizes the abilities a demon possesses.

Appearence Edit


Tai is very small compared to many other guys and stands at about only 17ocm. His short purple hair, which is mostly messed, depends a bit in his face. His hair is parted on his left side. His eyes are a bright red and he has some strong facial features. Though he is slim he is very athletic and his body is completely well trained. His black guild mark is located on the the inner part of his left wrist.

Like almost all the characters he wears not always the same clothes. He wears the black mainly, but still his favourite colour is grey. His favourite material to wear is leather and he likes to finish it off with some nice belts and a some falre.

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