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Soul Magic (Tamashi Mahō) is a Caster-Type Molding Magic.

Description Edit

This is a molding magic which grants the user the ability to manifest and access parts of their Soul. Manifesting parts of the Soul works on a very basic level, you start from the bottom and work your way up to summoning whole sections of the Soul. These levels are divided into four separate groups, the easiest is known as the Basic Group, the next level known as the Five Manifestation, followed by the Four Categories and lastly Soul Unleashed.

This magic allows some users to have a natural inclination to one of the Six Manifestations allowing access to certain abilities and spells that can be developed and controlled over time. Unfortunately such developments can be hazardous to begin with and are often hard to control.

The Origin of Soul MagicEdit

The exact origin of Soul Magic is unknown however it is commonly believed to have originated from an ancient desert land (Egypt) that has being briefly described in the few remaining books that detail this magic. Currently within Fiore there are eight books about Soul Magic and how to use it. Seven of this books (copies excluded) detail the seven different parts of Soul Magic known as Ib, Ren, Sheut, Ba, Ka, Akh and Resut. The eighth book is known as Soul and teaches the ultimate form of Soul Magic- Soul Unleashed (see Soul Magic Taboo for more information).

Because of the lack of wizards with Soul Magic the easiest way to learn this magic is to gain a hold of the seven basic books and learn to use each part of the magic as you read about it. The challenge with this is that though there is not a specific order to the books you do need to know some parts of the magic before learning other parts. For example in order to use Resut one must have used Ib, Ren, Sheut, Ba and Akh before. To use Ka you need to know everything before you can learn it, yet you can learn Ba and Ib straight off the bat.

Furthermore there is only one copy of each book in existence though the owners of the books of Ib, Ren, Sheut, Ba and Akh are currently transcribing a second copy of each book. The other way Soul Magic can be learnt is to be taught by someone who already uses the magic.

Soul Magic DescriptionEdit

Soul Magic is primarily the splitting and manifesting of parts of the Soul into solid flesh. Due to the fact that parts of the soul are separated some users have being known to receive what was discovered to be side effects of the magic (which were originally thought of as extra spells).

There are four levels to Soul Magic, the most basic is known as the Basic Group. Manifesting from the basic group means manifesting that parts that make up the five basic Soul parts. The second level is known as the Five Manifestation, it is the manifestation of the five most basic parts of the soul (Ib, Ren, Sheut, Ba and Resut). After this is the manifestation of the Four Categories known as the Conscious Soul (mind), Unconscious Soul (mind), Subconscious Soul (mind) and Magic. The final level is known as Soul Unleashed and is the summoning of Ka, Body and Soul.

Ib, Ren, Sheut, Ba, Ka and Akh are the parts of the human soul according to ancient Egyptian belief. Resut is a sixth concept that is added since Akh actually represents one of the categories (The Subconscious Soul) and Ka represents Spirit.

Categories of Soul Magic Edit

Manifesting the Categories is the third level of Soul Magic, The second level is the manifesting of the five parts of the soul which make up each category and the first level is the manifesting of individual aspects of these five parts.

The Conscious Soul (Mind)

Consciousness is defined as the quality or state of awareness of an external object or within ones self. There for the conscious soul is the parts of the soul which the mind or person is aware of and can control (or at lest control to an extent). So for example a level one manifestation is the Summoning of a personality trait, a level two manifestation is the summoning of Ba, a third level manifestation is the summoning Unconscious Soul.

The parts of the Conscious Soul include:

Ib (The Heart)- Ib represent emotion, thought, will, intention, desire and appreciation. Using Conscious Soul Magic allows one to summon emotion (this is not to be confused to personality. Personalities are traits for example someone can have a stubborn trait but they can not have a denial trait as denial is an emotion or thought, someone can have a temperamental trait but cannot have an angry trait as anger is an emotion).

The conditions for summoning Ib or Emotion are: 1. You must feel that emotion at that particular time, if you are not sad you cannot summon sadness 2. You must be aware that you feel this particular emotion 3. This emotion must be particularly strong, the weaker the emotion the weaker the manifestation

Because part of Ib includes intention and will you cannot change the intention of the emotion you manifest. For example you summon Anger to attack your source of anger you cannot persuade anger to not attack that person unless the source of your anger strongly changes.

Summoning the conscious soul requires self awareness and strong emotions, though it is possible to manifest an emotion you do not feel strongly however the manifestation becomes somewhat indecisive or weak. Emotions have the capcity to think, that is why you cannot change their intentions. Because anger was summoned it thinks about the source of its anger you can not change that, if your anger lessens the thoughts of anger and its attacks lessen as well. Should the target of your anger change anger may still attack the original target, may disappear, may attack the new target or may attack both.

The Unconscious Soul (Mind)

The Unconscious mind is defined as something that occurs automatically, more often then not without conscious thought it can however be influenced by conscious thought.

The parts of the Unconscious Soul include:

Ba (Personality)- Represents the persons personality. Using Unconscious Soul Magic allows you to summon your personality traits (not to be confused with emotion). Much unlike emotion the intention of Ba can be changed. You may summon stubbornness in a competition of will power however unlike denial you can persuade stubbornness to change his/her mind. Ba are capable of conscious thought however it is usually narrow minded. Unlike Ib, Ba can lack intention when summoned by unskilled users. More often then not skilled users and Ba share the same conscious thought. Ba are hard to control in most situations and are a bit of a wild card after all there is no reason not to think that stubbornness won't just refuse to listen to you rather then your opponent.

The conditions for summoning Ba or Personality are: 1. Being aware that you have the personality trait 2. Have a purpose for summoning that trait (for unskilled users)

Ren (Name) - Represents the three names of the person, given, chosen and divine. By using Unconscious Soul Magic you can summon your three names, your given name (the name given to you at birth), your chosen name (the name you choose or wish to have) and your divine name (a name which you do not consciously know). Summoning the Given name and Chosen name manifests a part of your soul that displays the traits of that name for example, the given name Katelyn means pure, so the purest part of your soul and the most innocent would manifest. It is possible for both these names to have more then one personality trait and they are people in themselves, they have their own personality traits and thoughts however both tend to be narrow minded and revolve around a few key things. The summoning of the divine name is the hardest to master, in fact most don't even learn it as it can be potentially dangerous. The Divine name is the name of your inner self. Your truest thoughts and beliefs and the Divine name is always always honest even if you're inner self is a liar. Divine names can often change. Knowing your divine name is believed to make it impossible to change your future, so you had better hope your divine name does not predict your death. Divine names are a somewhat key to the possible futures that is why there is the belief that if your divine name tells you a future you will follow it and won't be able to change it.

The conditions for summoning Ren or Name are:

For Given and Chosen: 1. You must know what the names are 2. you must believe in the name 3. The name must have meaning to you

For Divine Name: 1. You must know the name 2. You must believe in the name and it must have meaning to you 3. You must have summoned your Given and Chosen names.

The Subconscious Soul (Mind)

There is no real definition of the subconscious it is often viewed as the mind within your own mind, having it's own separate intellect.

Parts of the Subconscious Soul:

Sheut (Shadow) - Summoning Sheut is the manifestation of your shadow into flesh. The Sheut can appear as a past version of yourself and it thinks how you thought, acts how you thought and does what you would have done or it can appear as what you subconsciously desire to be. This may mean you desire to be able to act like a child therefor a childish version of you appears. The desired version of you can be part of your whole desire or part of it as you may have many desires. Sheut is completely random you cannot decide what it appears as, but more often then not it appears as what you subconsciously desire it to appear as at the time of its manifestation (which means you have no idea, you could be in the middle of a fight want a strong version of yourself to appear but really somewhere inside your still wishing you could play with your friends like you used too thus a childish you appears.)

The conditions for summoning Sheut or Shadow are: 1. You must have a clearly defined shadow

Resut (To awaken/Dream) - There are two forms of Resut. The first is Dream, this is the positive manifestation of yourself then there is Nightmare this is the negative manifestation of yourself. They are what you positively and negatively think of yourself and are often very extreme. If you think of yourself as useless then Nightmare will be useless, if you have no positive thoughts of yourself then Dream will not exist.

The conditions for summoning Resut or Dream are: 1. Nightmare and Dream must be summoned together if one does not exist neither does the other

Summoning the Three Categories and Magic Edit

To summon the three categories you must be able to summon the things that make up those categories. The three categorises are:

Akh or the Subconscious Soul (mind)

Conscious Soul (mind)

Unconscious Soul (mind)

The fourth unofficial category is Magic. The three whole categories or states of mind can preform magic within their own category and allow access to combination magic (like lucy with Gemini). Unfortunately summoning them costs a large amount of magic power and its nearly impossible to summon them for decent durations without second origin. It is impossible to summon them without summoning magic.

Summoning Magic actually gives you a magic boost but it does drain magic. Its like it gives 80% you of magic, giving you a total of lets say 180% of magic fuel but then takes 20% for being manifested. The magic boost that it gives is what allows one to be able to summon the three categories. Magic is also a separate soul, it is a separate person with magic but its only magic is to boost your magic.Since magic is viewed to be part of the soul it makes sense that you can summon it as well.

Soul Magic Spell List Edit

All Soul Magic spells have incantations spoken to make the casting of the spell easier, most of them only require the incantation for beginners and act as a sort of safety for the Wizards learning this magic, once a spell is mastered you can preform it without the incantation (unless stated otherwise) however out of force of habit some Soul Magic users still say them anyway.

Basic Spells Edit

These are the most basic Soul Magic Spells and includes all C, B and some A level spells.

Soul Manifest: This is the most basic spell for a Soul Wizard and it is what allows you to summon parts of the soul. The advanced form of this spell allows you to manifest Magic, Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious. The incantation for this spell is, "I call ______ of the soul _______ to my aid"

Multiple Soul Manifest: The manifesting of multiple souls is a basic spell for Soul Magic Wizards. Manifesting up to three souls is standard, five to seven souls is talented above seven is a mastery of this skill. The incantation for this spell is the same as the manifesting incantation.

Soul Enhancement: a more difficult technique that enhances one attribute at a time. The amount of summoned soul effected by this enhancement and the effect of the enhancement relies on the skill of the wizard casting the spell. The incantation, " ___name of soul___ be blessed with ___attribute____"

Soul Jump: This transfers your soul to one of the souls you have manifested. You appear where that soul was and it disappears back inside you. This is a B class technique. Incantation, "Return _______ to me" this spell does not always require an incantation, once you master it you won't need it at all.

Soul Magic: Barrier: A lesser version of the spell 'Soul Magic: Great Defence' it can be cast with as many souls as you want (min. requirement is 2). The more souls out to cast the spell/ casting the spell the stronger the barrier.

Advanced Spells Edit

These are the more advanced spells, includes some A level and all S level Spells.

Manifesting Magic, Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious: A greater magic power is required to summon these four and in order to summon the last three Magic must be summoned first. There is no set incantation for this spell but an incantation is required. Most Wizards who can summon these four base their incantation off the basic manifestation incantation.

Soul Magic: Great Defence: Requires at lest one of the three advanced manifestations to already be manifested. This spell is most effective with either Magic or Subconscious. It is one of the few defense spells Soul Magic has and it looks like a giant shield of light, the colour varies depending on each person suggesting that the shield is not in fact made out of light but instead out of some other essence.

Soul Unleashed: Soul Unleashed is the taboo of Soul Magic but is also viewed as the ultimate form of Soul Magic. It is extremely dangerous to the user if the user is unskilled. It also has lasting effects on the wizard who uses it however it unlocks a new set of spells and a large amount of magic. The incantation for this manifestation is cumpolsory and goes as follows, "Soul, Body, Spirit I call forth all of thee to my aid. Spirit the form of life force, known as Ka reveal yourself at my call. Body, the conduit of Spirit and Soul aid me in this fight. Soul of the forms Ahk, Kaba and unconsious split from your sisters so we may win this battle"

Taboo (Soul Unleashed) Spells Edit

Soul Magic Taboo Edit

The most well known Taboo of Soul Magic is Soul Unleashed.

Sometimes viewed as the most advanced of Soul Magic techniques the taboo for Soul Magic is known as Soul Unleashed. Many people think that this is not in fact taboo but those who have used it know its costy effect and how dangerous this magic truly is.

Soul Unleashed goes beyond summoning the four known parts of your own soul and instead is a transformation of yourself. Where as Soul Magic and Advanced Soul Magic split parts of your soul from your physical body, Soul Unleashed splits the physical body and the Spirit (Ka) from the Soul (you). Because your personality, mind, thoughts, conscious, unconscious and subconscious are all part of the Soul you act as the Soul out of the three. The physical body is basically your body except it now acts as a separate entity. Soul Unleashed is the ONLY time you can remove Spirit (Ka) from your body. Doing so in any other situation leads to immediate death. Spirit is your life force, it is the most powerful part of yourself. In Soul Unleashed you can access more raw forms of magic allowing you to fight/work with it in a purer form. However Soul Unleashed is extremely dangerous, by using raw magic you cause damage to your physical body (the reason why your soul is removed from the physical body in the first place is that if it stayed in the body you would feel the pain and shut down immediately), the second reason is you are separating your life force from your physical body. If your physical body die your spirit and soul have no where to return and you there for die. On top of that by removing spirit you are harnessing part of you life force, this means that your life span ultimately decreases.

The amount of life span decreased is measure firstly by the amount of time the technique has being used, to start with life span lost is unpredictable because the technique is not mastered. When mastered between three days to one month can be lost, when you preform the technique with insufficient magic you loose between 1 month to 1 year. The amount of time lost is increased by how much raw magic you use. The only way to use Soul Unleashed is to have the book of Soul and to read and fully understand its power.

Side Effects of Soul Magic Edit

It has recently being discovered that using Soul Magic can cause side effects on the user, these side effects have to do with the frequent removing of parts of the soul from the body. Side effects can often be linked to one particular part of the three categories and is often due to that particular category being over used.

Side Effects of the Conscious Soul Edit

Common side effects include lack of control over emotions, increased awareness of ones surroundings, such an increase of awareness can include the slight heightening of one of the bodily senses. Also includes an increase in the effectiveness of this ability and may make available some minor spells or abilities unique to this category such as emotional influence or sensing.

Side Effects of the Unconscious Soul Edit

Can include personality disorders, heightened reaction time, effects on the memory, heightened control over your manifestations. Also includes an increase in the effectiveness of this ability and may make available some of the minor spells or abilities unique to this category such as memory transfer or sharing.

Side Effects of the Subconscious Soul Edit

Can include lack of sleep over sleeping, may include paranoia, the hearing of voices or parts of the soul, sensing things coming and ability to spout facts or use things you did not know you had previously known. Also includes an increase in the effectiveness of this ability and may make available some of the minor spells or abilities unique to this category such as being able to apprehend or plan for things not normally thought of.

Soul Magic - Magic Seal Edit

The Magic Seal for Soul Magic is in the form of a large circle. It consists of a large circle with a small ring around it, this circle is then broken into four sectors by four lines with jagged edges. Within each sector a different symbol is featured followed by an intricate

Soul Magic Symbol

Soul Magic - Magic Seal

pattern. The center of the circle is a small circle with a small ring around it.

In the first sector (bottom right according to image) is the image of an eye representing the conscious soul, in the second sector (top right) is a cross like shape representing the subconscious soul, in the third sector (top left) is a pair of wings representing the unconscious soul and the last sector (bottom left) is an image of the Egyptian Seed of Life representing the soul its self.

Eight Books and their Owner's Edit

Damia Kuroyama:

              - Affiliation: Fairytail
              - Rank: A class
              - Status: Alive
              - Has possession of: The books of  Ahk, Resut, Ka and Ren

Naoki Yukisawa:

              - Affiliation: N/A
              - Rank: S class (formerly)
              - Status: Alive
              - Has possession of: The book of Soul

Akako Osoiharu:

              - Affiliation: Lima Scale
              - Rank: B class
              - Status: Alive
              - Has possession of: The books of Ib and Ba

Lost Books:

              - Sheut (The book of the Shadow, last in possession of Naoki Yukisawa)

Books with second copies:

               - Ib (Located in Lima Scale library, forbidden section)
               - Ba (Lost)
               - Ren (Located in the Fairytail Basement, Guild House 1)

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