Rose Garnett

Petal Girl




15px-Female Female


17 (debut) 13 (look)




78 pounds


May 15th 1998

Hair Color

Red (former) Pink

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation


Grimoire Heart

Guild Mark Location

Left Forearm


S-Class Mage

Previous Occupation

Dark Mage


Team Tenrou

Team Makarov

Previous Team

Seven Kin of Purgatory


Wendy Marvell

Previous Partner(s)


Personal Status



Deceased Parents


Rose Ruby


Rose Magic Sun Dragon Slayer Magic Arc of Inbodiment Red Eyes


Rose Wand

"I may be younger then you, but I'm still a Mage so I'm gonna fight!"

— Rose Garnett to Erza Scarlet

Appearance Edit

Rose had red hair before the timeskip, after she dyed it pink, since her mother always liked the color pink. Rose has pink eyes, like her father. She's normal height, but in one of her powers, she grows to be about Makarov-Titan size. Rose wears a red blouse, and rose patterned skirts. During the summer, she wears ruby ballet flats and during the winter she wears red boots. She wears a rose hair clip, in her tied up braid.

Personality Edit

Rose has a sweet and innocent personality. But if you anger her, she can cause destruction. She's usually kind, caring, and not shy at all. She has a good relationship with Wendy Marvell, since their ages are so close. With her friends, Rose doesn't outburst as much, but by herself, she judges everything, and keeps it to herself, so she can recommend to people. Sometimes, after missions, Rose becomes kind of tricky.

History Edit

Rose was literally a Fairy Tail Mage since birth, since her parents were both Fairy Tail mages as well. Rose learned Rose Magic from her mom, Sun Dragon Slayer magic from her dad, and forbidden magic from her past. Rose wanted to "explore the world" at age eight, but instead of touring Fiore, she joined Sabertooth, Sting said Rose was too weak, but let her become a member anyway, later Sting exocommunicated Rose, saying she was a waste of space, Rose got made and ruined the Sabertooth guild hall. Yukino suggested Mermaid Heel, so left again. Instead of joining Mermaid Heel, Rose joined Grimoire Heart, there she learned her forbidden magic, Arc of Imbodiment, Red Eyes and her strongest spell, Heart of Red. She was promoted to the Seven Kin of Puragatory. But quit before Tenrou Island, and decided to go back to Fairy Tail. Her parents happily welcomed her back, but died three years after, due to a disease. Rose then showed everyone her skill during the S-Class trials, she was the winner, and became S-Class at the age of sixteen, just a few months younger then Mirajane when she got the honor. Wendy became her best friend, because, the disease on her parents got on her and she became three years younger, but not shrinking her power.

Magic and Abilities Edit

Rose Magic Edit

  • Rose Petal Blow: Rose uses her wand to pick up a bunch of Rose Petals to hit her opponent
  • Whirlwind Spiral: This magic drains her opponents energy and changes it into Rose Magic
  • Lovely Roses: Rose uses her wand to build any structure from roses, it's kind of like maker magic, only its only for defense
  • Super Rose Canon: This allows Rose to defeat her opponent using a strong blow

Sun Dragon Slayer Magic Edit

  • Sun Dragon Roar
  • Sun Dragon Beam Attack
  • Sun Dragon Fire Fist

Arc of Imbodiment: Edit

Like Rustyrose, she can create her imagination

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