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Raider Knights



Reidā Naitsu




Elisa Shimada

S-Class Mages

Maki Crystal(Formerly)
Coleen Drake
Elisha Solaria(Formerly]]
Luka Mizushima(Formerly)
Fiona Draco
Liza Drake


Legal Guild



Raider Knights is one of the guilds in the Kingdom of Fiore. This guild is a formerly Dark Guild.

Members Edit

  • Elisha Shimada: The Master of Raider Knights
  • Coleen Drake: The Strongest member of Raider Knights
  • Maki Crystal(Former): The second strongest member of Raider Knights.
  • Elisha Solaria(Former): S-Class Mage
  • Luka Mizushima(Former):S- Class Mage
Name Rank Team Status
Elisa Shimada Guild Master Sisters Of Raider Knights Active
Maki Crystal S-Class Mage Team Crystal Left Guild
Elisha Solaria S-Class Mage Team Crystal Left Guild
Luka Mizushima S-Class Mage Team Crystal Left Guild
Coleen Drake S-Class Mage Team Coleen Active
Fiona Draco S-Class Mage Team Coleen Active
Liza Drake S-Class Mage Team Coleen Active
Ella Shimada Second Guild Master Sisters of Raider Knights Active

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