Psychic Magic (エスパ魔法 Esper Mahō ) is a Caster Magic and a Lost Magic that involves psychokinesis that allows the user to control things in the caster's mind.

Description Edit

Psychic Magic



Esper Mahō


Caster Magic

Lost Magic




Psychic Magic is a type of magic that allows the user to manipulate anything the user desires, through their mind. It allows them to have psychokinetic abilities that allows the user to levitate, teleport anywhere the user wants, learn their opponent's strategy, hack into somebody else's telepathy and allows them to move or manipulate almost anything, even a human body, though only masters can manipulate another body using this magic. Masters of this magic are able to control things remotely, without having to move their body to perform moves. Usually, users of this magic are flexible and agile

Spells Edit

Basic Spells Edit

Supportive Edit

  • Teleportation (Unnamed)- Allows the user to teleport anywhere they want
  • Barrier (Unnamed)- The caster creates a barrier which can be used to reflect attacks

Offensive Edit

  • Psychokinesis (Unnamed)- Allows the user to manipulate things through their minds
  • Psycho Burst- The caster creates a whirlwind like shaped wave that can push enemies backwards and deals moderate damage
  • Psycho Blast- A stronger version of Psycho Burst, the user creates a ring of pure energy, and attacks enemies with several blasts of psychic energy hurling towards every direction

Advanced Spells Edit

Supportive Edit

  • Light Screen- The caster creates a barrier that is made of pure energy, which protects anybody inside it from attacks, and it will never break, unless another Mage casts the magic Shadow Rift
  • Levitation (Unnamed)- The user levitates gently to avoid any damage from most ground-based attacks
  • Psycho Boost- The user creates a barrier surrounding the user that raises the attack of the user. After casting, the user will be left with a fuchsia-colored aura

Offensive Edit

  • Psyshock- The strongest variant of Psycho Burst, the user creates a barrier around the user, and a fuchsia-colored beam will hit the sky, and making tons of psychic blasts rain from the sky
  • Psystrike- A very strong move that allows the user to shoot a beam of fuchsia-colored beam that deals heavy damage

Master Spells Edit

Offensive Edit

  • Rishi Nika- A move that allows the user to take control of 2 or more bodies to attack his/her opponent. The caster controls every single vein and muscle of the target though the victim still can feel what they are doing, but they cannot control it. Many masters only use this move as a last resort or when they are outnumbered.