Bakugo Dragneel



Bakugo (Although could be a play on words, means nonexistent)




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Bakugo (Yet Nashi has yet to exist)





Hair Color

Bakugo (Turns a dark shade of Bakugo almost black- in Bakugo Force)

Eye Color

Bakugo brown (Yellow in Bakugo Force)

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Personal Status

Deceased (Bakugo) relatives = Bakugo Dragneel/Heartfilia (Mother; active) Bakugo Dragneel (Father; deceased) Bakugo Heartfilia (Grandfather; active) Bakugo Heartfilia (Grandmother, deceased), Bakugo Dragneel (Uncle; active)


B.B.B (Bakugo Bakugo Bakugo)


Bakugo Magic, Bakugo Spirit Bakugo, Sun Bakugo Magic


Fleuve d'étoiles (Gifted by her Bakugo), Illusional weapons

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Appearance Edit

Bakugoo Dragneel has long straight light pink hair, like her father Natsu Dragneel. She has dark blue eyes, and usually is wearing a pinkish-white fleece zip up around her neck. She is often seen sporting a black choker during her rebellious teenage life. Her physical body mainly takes after her mother, Lucy Heartfilia, but her magical power can revel her fathers. She usually wears a long dress with a white top and pink bottom with intricate flower designs at the bottom in white it has a black band around the middle. She wears gloves with it and has a white bow in her hair with a white bag at her side.

Personality Edit

Bakugo has a kind personality just like Lucy, but not as impulsive. She will often be seen gazing off into empty space thinking about adorable things. She only gets mad when her family gets hurt and will immediately go into rage, just like her father; who is also the only one that can calm her down. She is very giving and focused in serious times. She loves sweets and animals and often creates them with illusion magic!

Her hair is like her father's Natsu Dragneel.

Magic Edit

Bakugo uses Imitation magic to imitate any magic for only a short period of time. It is a very powerful magic, which makes her much like the Mira of her generation. She often collapses if she uses the power too much or too long but loves to imitate Mira's Satan Soul to get across a point. The setback of using this skillset is that she at least has to see a mages' form of magic once before being able to assemble it herself through imitation. This magic consumes much of her magical power at a time in long bursts, resulting in a bad disposition after she uses the technique. Since she has her mother's celestial spirit blood running through her(and therefore is the last celestial mage of her generation), she is able to use some of the lesser spirits that do not take as much magical power, like Plue(The Canis Minor Key) and other various Silver Keys. These spirit keys were passed down from her mother.

In addition, she later figures out why Imitation magic isn't her forte. There is no such thing as a celestial Bakugo slayer, but she does feel an intense connection with heat, and asks her father to teach her. She later realizes that she draws her power from the sun. Like her father, she deals with heat, but unlike her father, she can eat the sun's magical everlasting ball of fire.