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"I just wanted to fit in.....I had to beautiful to do that....."

Naomii Kisama

ナオミ Kisama


Naomii Kisama




15px-Female Female








December 21st

Hair Color

light brown

Eye Color


Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy tail

Guild Mark Location

lower back


Fallen Willow


May-Na Wang

Personal Status



Grandmother(deceased) Grandfather(deceased)


Willow Magic


Twin pistols

Naomii(ナオミ) was aways known as "one of those Fairytail wizards" Even after living at Fairy Tail for most of her life she never built for name for herself. She was never the best at anything she did. She was simply regarded as plain and simple. After Asher and May joined fairy, her life changed. The three forged an unbreakable bond and soon rose to beome one of Fairy tails most powerful teams.

Appearance Edit

Naomii never considered her self attractive. Her plain looks were aways rivaled by her guild mates modal status beauty. As a child she did her best to look attractive. She grew out her long brown hair and adored herself with many beauty products. As a self countious teen she was, she wanted to fit the beauty standards. On several occasions Naomii starved herself because she wasn't 'skinny' enough.

After suffering through bouts of self loathing she forced herself to change. Instead of aways comparing herself to the people around her she decided to love herself from her littlest toe to the top of her head. She cut her hair into a bob and refused to ever wear makeup again. Her best friend May, with the help of the guild taught her to love herself for who she was.

Her current appearance is similar to her appearance after she cut her hair. The same light light brown hair is styled in a chin length messy bob with bangs reaching her nose covering her right eye. It is noted to have a cute bounce to it when she walks and is occasionally adorned with small bows and flowers. Big bright hazel eyes lined with long feathery flashy emphasize her petite lips and round face. She is a small girl with fragile limns and features.

Personality Edit

Namoii most notably struggled from self esteem issues which vastly impacted her personality. She aways strived to improve her average looks hoping people would accept her for it, thinking the only way to be accepted was to be 'beautifu'l. This took a toll on her health having as she tried several times to starve herself into getting the 'idea body' image. She hated herself because she thought she was ugly and useless. Her lowest point in life was when she stopped eating food completely. It took the help of the guild for her to love herself again. Leaded by May, the guild convinced her to love herself like they loved her. Filled with the love and compassion of her guild mates, Namoii changed. She accepted herself for who she was and stared wide-eyed at the new world she discovered. A world were she didn't need to compare self for others. A place in her heart were she loved and was loved back.

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