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(This OC belongs to MMM125)

"Wait, so I'm supposed to say an inspiring quote here? Um...I like chocolate. Wait, wait! I can do better."- Naomi Tartarus

Naomi, a Goddess Magic mage, is a member of Fairy Tail, and she belongs to no team. She is not a model for Sorcerer Magazine, as she dislikes posing for objectifying photos. She is the sole Goddess Magic Mage (for reasons that will later be revealed in the History section).


Naomi is a slender young woman who has red hair and bright blue eyes. She is slightly pale. Her Fairy Tail mark is high on her arm, in the spot where Erza has it. Naomi is not particularly "fashionable", nor does she have a signature outfit. However, the majority of her outfits are either black of have bright colors, such as turquoise or purple.


Naomi is funny, origional, creative, and has a dark and odd sense of humor. She is an excellent writer, and a decent singer. She also enjoys art, but she is rather mediocre at it. She is nervous around strangers, but considerably more outgoing among her friends. She is very intelligent, and prides herself on this, to the point where she is a it pompous, but she is conscious of this and tries her best to not seem conceited. She loves mythology and books.


Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Naomi uses Goddess Magic, in which she has the abilty to transform into varying goddesses, each ne coming with their own set of powers (it is similar to Requip magic).


Increased Intellect- Increases the intellect of Naomi, as well as her strategy planning.

Nike's Favor- Gives Naomi an aura which increases her power and helps give her victory. Unfortunately, this method is tricky and often backfires.

Legion of Swords- Sends magical swords at opponent.


Great Flood: Can send a neraby body of water hurtling at opponent.

Scale Armor: Creates an armor out of almost impenetrable scales.

Increased Mobility Underwater: Enhances the athletic ability of Naomi. If worn with Scale Armor, she can breathe underwater and communicate with aquatic life (although doing so takes large amounts of magic power).


(It should be noted that Aphrodite is the least powerful of Naomi's forms, and is usually impractical in combat).

Transformation Magic- Allows Naomi to use Transformation Magic (although she can only do so breifly)

Charm- Enables Naomi to do the "Charm" spell.


Flame Resistance- Increases her resistance to flames

Fire Summon- Allows her to create and manipulate fire.

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