""I'm not really into appearances. I'm more of a girl-in-action...get what I mean?""

— -Miyuki Tsukiko to Lucy Heartifilia and Mirajane Strauss

Konpaku-youmu-mino106-sword-touhou ad7c1

Another version of the twin swords

Sword Magic

Miyuki's Sword Magic on overdrive


Miyuki's starting to go berserk

15725 touhou konpaku youmu

Young Miyuki holding the twin swords

15724 touhou konpaku youmu

Miyuki holding Mitsuki's sword (right)


14-year old Miyuki, discovering the ruins of the Fifth God of the Abyss

Miyuki mika

Miyuki Mika (Miyuki's edolas counterpart)


Miyuki and Mitsuki Tsukiko

Touhou-katana 00299215

Abyssal Shard and Wind Magic

Aa 15700 touhou konpaku youmu

Miyuki summons the twin swords

Anime-katana 00178941

Miyuki wearing a new outfit

Images (1)

Miyuki's advanced spells

Images (6)

Miyuki relaxing in the water

Images (7)

Miyuki getting serious after an attack in the resort

Images (8)

Miyuki casting a spell

Images (9)

Miyuki during Fantasia

Images (15)

Miyuki's amazing speed, empowered by the Blue Eye

Images (16)

Miyuki with the Violet Eye


Miyuki's Water Spell

Green eyes

Green Eyes


Miyuki as a temporary Chaos Raider

Miyuki berserk

Miyuki, after being provoked by Minerva

Akira Agarashi

Akira Agarashi (Miyuki's teammate)


Yvette Akemi (Miyuki's teammate)


Physical attack from Miyuki

Drinking tea

Miyuki drinking tea after training


Kei Tsukiko (Miyuki's older brother) (Pre-time skip)

Kei time skip

Kei after the 7-year time skip


Miyuki wearing a dark green kimono

Last attack

Miyuki, severely injured during the attack of Grimoire Heart

Mira view

Young Miyuki in Mirajane's perspective

Miyuki blushing

Miyuki, after meeting Rogue Cheney


Miyuki wearing casual clothes (provided by Lucy)


Miyuki sighing about Team Natsu's recklessness


Miyuki, training


Miyuki almost using Awakening Magic

Phantom days

Miyuki, during her Phantom Lord days


Miyuki under the moon

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