Misaki Yeager



Misaki Yēgā


Future Misaki




15px-Female Female


47 kg

Hair Color

Pale Blonde

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status
Previous Affiliation

Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Previous Team

Team Yeager
Allied Forces
Team Tenrou

Previous Partner(s)

Alexa Yeager
Sophie Yeager
Shiro Yeager

Base of Operations

First Fairy Tail Building(Former)

Personal Status



Misaki Yeager(Present Self)

Image Gallery

"Help Me.."

— "Misaki Yeager"

Misaki Yeager(Future) was the future counterpart of Misaki Yeager.

Appearance Edit

Misaki's appearance is kept hidden underneath an elegant, full-body hooded cloak, which only leaves small portions of her body exposed to the public eye. However, when she removes the hood, her face is identical to that of her present self. Her smooth, pastel-yellow blonde hair flows and falls directly down below her neck, with several spiky strands covering her forehead and two, much sizable prominent strands reaching pass her neck. She displays a set of big, oval brown eyes matched with thick eyelashes, and a pair of thin dark colored eyebrows. Her feminine physique is gifted with small, thin lips and a mildly round nose.She has adapted to utilizing her left hand, such as when writing and removing her hood, due to having lost her right hand.

Personality Edit

Misaki is rather emotional, but just like her present self, Misaki is a loving and caring person. She is also generally a bright and cheerful, if stubborn, teenage girl. She is known as the "Bastard" because of her polarizing personality. However, she is obsessed with Gray Fullbuster , treating Juvia Lockser as her "Romantic Rival", same to Juvia sensing her as her "Love Rival." that causes Gray a problem. She is quite perverted, which she has natural kitty mouth/grin. Misaki has a rather rambunctious personality, behaving wildly as she pleases. She easily becomes violent when she pleases. She isn't all that competitive, except when Krystallys is present.

Misaki is mostly oblivious to and kind of sexual tension, as she would regularly appear in Gray's bed as she pleased, regardless of him being a male. She appears ignorant of what tension or difficulty this may provide for him, and continued to appear in his bed whenever she feels like it.

History Edit


Misaki invited to Fairy Tail

Misaki's adventure started when she had her fortuitous encounter with Gray Fullbuster , who invited her to join Fairy Tail. Along the way, she became friends with Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet, as well as becoming a part of Team Yeager, along with her three siblings. in the Grand Magic Games, where the gates of Eclipse are opened and 10,000 Dragons came through. As the dragons ravaged everything in sight, Misaki was separated from everyone and was brought to tears over the devastation. As the Dragons approached.

Synopsis Edit

Grand Magic Games arc Edit

Quotes Edit

  • (To Gray Fullbuster): "Help...Me.."

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