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Marine Bluesea is a Dragon Slayer, the Abysal Dragon Slayer.

She can breath under water, use water as a shield, emptying a lake by drinking all of it.

She have white eyes, but they become dark blue when she drinks a lot of water.

She have dark blue hair, a bit like Wendy, but it's always in a ponytail.

Marine Bluesea

The collar she have was given to her by Poseidonna, the Abysal Dragon, it's sea pearls.


She is pretty much always angry, she always fight with everybody, and she always punch Gray when he gets half-naked. And loves to launch water at Natsu.

Guild: Fairy Tail, but she was a member of Blue Pegasus.

Likes: Drinking with Kanna (Even if she only needs a glass of beer to be drunk.), swimming, fighting.

Dislike: Natsu's fire, Luxus' electricity.

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