Maki Crystal



Kurisutaru Maki
Maki Cheinī


The Fire Demon(火の悪魔Hi no akuma)




15px-Female Female




November 16

Hair Color

Pale Blonde
White(as Fire Demon)

Eye Color

Red(as Fire Demon)

Blood Type


Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation

Sabertoth mark Sabertooth

Guild Mark Location

Right Thigh


S-Class Mage


Team Maki


Keizha Dragneel

Previous Partner(s)

Casey Shinohara

Base of Operations

Second Fairy Tail Building

Personal Status



Rogue Cheney(Husband)
Kyrie Cheney(Daughter)
Andrew Cheney(son)




Fire Magic


Giant Scythe Of Fire

"I care about my friends. No, they're not just my friends. They're my family!"

— -"Maki Crystal"

Maki Crystal(クリスタル真希Kuristaru Maki) is a Mage of Fairy Tail, and a Fire Magic. She is the leader of Team Maki. She is formerly a member of Sabertooth, but left during the Grand Magic Games.

== Appearance


Maki GMG

Maki's appearance

Maki has long wavy Pale Blonde hair with Green eyes. She is a teenage girl with below average height and build. She has large breasts. She has curvaceous body, and her (presumed) measurements are; Bust; 90 cm, Waist; 58 cm, and hip; 88 cm., In x792 her hair is tied up into braids. Her Weight is; 42.3 kg, and height; 5'11". She doesn't care about her appearance that much. She is described as "Simple" and beautiful. Especially by Rogue Cheney. She is not that kind of a love type, mostly, when boys tries to hit her, she friend zones them, except for one boy, Rogue.

Personality Edit

Maki doesn't like being around with boys, especially if they are pretty flirty, whenever boys flirts with her, she beats them up. She is kind, polite, and friendly girl, and has a bright and cheerful personality. She is said, that she had been in love with someone. She is described as "Juvia the 2nd", because of her falling in love with someone, she acts just like Juvia. She is deeply in love with some, who became her husband after 12 months. Maki's personality; She is the quieter of Team Maki. She is strong, and whenever there is a fight, she can be brave when it's needed.

History Edit

When Maki was young, her parents died, during a dark guild's attack. She was the only member who survived, changed her last name from Flames to Crystal. Crystal reminds her of her old childhood friend, Krystal.

Supplementary Uses(Magic)Edit

  • Heat Control: Any user of Fire Magic with knowledge on how its inner mechanics function is capable of progressing from 'manipulating fires' to 'manipulating the heat that is part of those fires', going down to the bare essentials of heat-based supernatural powers. When inducing heat manipulation, the user of Fire Magic simply focuses upon the fires they have already manifested or anything else in the vicinity, raising or lowering the properties by increasing the kinetic and thermal energy of the atoms that compose the flames and thus making things hotter, ranging from subjective feeling of heat to absolute hot. A user of this power can additionally absorb heat, while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power or using it as power source for a brief period of time. When using this technique, a caster of Fire Magic is capable of heating a wide range of liquids, not limited to but including any body of water or tea in any quantity, allowing them to evaporate it to nothingness at higher levels of intensity. A user of this ability can also heat metal to scalding temperatures or even melt any form of ice, whether it is natural or generated through the supernatural. A common and practical method of performing heat control is by redirecting via absorbing heat through one limb, allowing it to pass through the caster's body, before being expelled out the other hand. Finally, using heat control, the caster is capable of superheating the surrounding air, causing the particles that compose both the heat and the oxygen to split due to reactions; thus causing a combustion with the atoms of hydrogen. This enables the user to create, shape and manipulate explosions, with the magic which is focused around such a feat referred to as [Magic|Explosion Magic].


Basic SpellsEdit

  • [Bullet|Fire Bullet] (ファイア・バレット, Faia Baretto) is a [Magic|Fire Magic] Spell that allows the caster to fire a bullet-esque sphere of flame towards the target. Fire Bullet is known to be exceedingly basic in execution and it tends to be the first spell that those who take up elemental magic learn; indeed, it is near universal to the point that more often than not, any fire-elemental magician possess it within their arsenal. Fire Bullet itself harnesses the very fundamentals of spell formation to result in what could be considered an embodiment of what it is to make a magic into a spell. In any case, when performing Fire Bullet, the caster expels magical energies from their body, causing eternano in the vicinity to be drawn towards these energies like a magnet, resulting a the typical fusion of eternano and magical energy- from this point, the caster harnesses Shape Transformation in order to knead these energies into a sphere of varying sizes, typically as big as the user's upper body before using their Fire Magic to excite and speed up the motion of the magical energies through willpower alone, manipulating the kinetic energies of said particles to ignite them, resulting in the formation of a smoldering sphere of flame. From here, the caster launches the fireball at their enemy through either a physical motion or mental command. In any case, this orb of roaring flame shoots right towards the target at relatively high speeds, resulting in the fireball displaying a punching force which flies forth in a straight line at high speeds. Because the particles which compose the Fire Bullet are completely compacted, the projectile functions in a similar manner to that of a drill, boring into anything that is unfortunate enough to get in the way of the spell, dealing multiple hits up to a maximum of five, followed by a medium-sized explosion upon contact which causes relatively notable amounts of damage and destruction, while also serving to knock the opponent back, leaving a sizzling crater; it can also blow apart solid, reinforced walls- though Fire Bullet itself seems to fizzle out after a distance of fifty meters in flight unless the caster continuously pours magical energy to reinforce its composition. Exceptionally variable when compared to many other spells, Fire Bullet is known to be capable of being fired from any range and standing point, even in the air- though underwater makes it impossible. Fire Bullet can be modified into all sorts of sizes and can be manipulated into almost any formation deemed necessary, even having the spheres orbit around the caster to form a defensive barrier.

  • [[1]] (青鳩 Blue Dove): This spell summons forth several blue doves composed entirely of blue fire; and which can be telepathically manipulated by Hiroya from afar - the doves themselves are customized in a way to opt for detonation when they come close to the targetted enemy; resulting a violent explosion of blue flames that can cause severe burns - the doves can be manipulated four at a time and Hiroya generally uses them tactically in battle to get a greater advantage. By adding abit more energy, Hiroya can choose to create an additional pair of wings on the doves, which doubles their speed and makes them quite difficult to follow with ones eyes.
  • [[2]] (青鷲 Blue Eagle): Similiar to Aohato, Aowashi summons forth a single large eagle composed of blue flames; this eagle is many times bigger than the doves and roughly equal a large boulder in size - if Aohato is coordinated ranged assault; Aowashi is a siege weapon that when detonating results in a very large explosion that completely devastates a large area; in most cases trying to flee from the explosion is quite hopeless given its sheer scope, though if timed correctly it is possible to defend against the full force of it; the eagle is also very fast, even faster than the doves, but due to its great size it is much easier to notice and it seems to have trouble manuevering efficiently and it cannot pursue opponents who take quick unexpected turns.
  • Water-Make:Blood: By manipulating the water present in blood, the user can transfer their existing blood into the body of another person, thereby saving that person from death by blood loss.

Equipment Edit

  • Giant Scythe Of Fire: Maki carries a Scythe, by on her belt. She uses it to fight.
Scythe of fire

This Scythe of hers, are one of her abilities to kill, to burn etc. During her fight with Natsu Dragneel, before she joined Fairy Tail, she used this, and Natsu ate the fire. She was shocked, but uses her secret magic, which was Ice-Make

Trivia Edit

  • Maki secretly uses Ice-Make, Water-Make, Ice, Water Magic, taught by Krystal(Water and Water-Make) and by Luka Mizushima.
  • Year X773, Maki was born
  • Maki's favorite food of all time: Dango.
  • Maki's stats are:
  • As a Fire mage, she can do an ultimate move which is :Fire Bullet.
  • She had Ice Magic at first, but learned Fire Magic.
  • Maki is known as "The Fire Demon" (Alias(es)

Quotes Edit

  • (Maki Crystal to Ayato Blackwood) "I care about my friends, no. They're not just just my friends. They're my family!
  • (Maki Crystal to Lana Shinozaki) "So? If you're a Shinozaki, you should protect your comrades! A true Shinozaki protects their comrades!

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