Anime girl with red hair and blue green eyes by blackleyn-d5a0cmn
Lara Dragion



Rara Doragion


Lara The Ghoul(ララザ・グールRara za Gūru)




15px-Female Female

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol] Edolas

Guild Mark Location

Left Arm

Previous Occupation



Natsu Dragion

Personal Status



Natsu Dragion(Husband)


Laura Itou

Image Gallery

"I can't hurt my counterpart! I need to protect her!"

— -Lara Dragion

Appearance Edit

Lara has long wavy-red hair, which covers her right eye, and she has green eyes. She has curvaceous body with large breasts. Her black edolas fairy tail stamp is located at her right arm. Lara always wears a skull necklace.

Personality Edit

Lara is kindhearted by nature,often willing to go the extra mile for those that she cares for. Due to this, she is shown to be on good terms with most of the people in his life. Lara is tough girl with a great interest in occult. She can be brave when it's needed. Even though Edolas Fairy Tail Guild is a dark guild she really does care for her counterpart and her comrades.

But despite her occasional selfish or jealous actions, Lara really does care about her friends, even more than herself, and hates it when people go out of their way for her. after spending over two months of trying to swallow all her guilt and self-pity of losing her friends, Lara's character went for a drastic change. Her desire to save her friends turns into an obsession, making her doing it to ease her guilt more than her genuine care for them. She grows to be more self-centered, caring less and less over time about how her death could impact her friends, and even tells Natsu she doesn't care about her existence anymore as long as she can save her dead friends; preferring to walk the extra miles by herself and not wanting anyone else involved in her own problems. In addition, Lara begins to be more gullible and naive, as she trusts people too easily due to her desperation in saving her friends.

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