Kurome Magio is an S-Class Mage for the guild Fairy Tail and a former member of the guild Sabertooth. She used to be a model for Sorcerer Magazine but she decided not too after she cut her hair. She is also one of Juvia Lockser's love rivals.


Kurome once had long and flowing black hair but she cut it all off after she lost to Juvia. She usually wears a white and grey bikini with black accents accompanied by a shout black skirt. Since she is a celestial Mage she has a belt that keeps her Aquarius and Aries keys. Her fairy tail guild mark is on her left leg and it is a light grey.

If Kurome is tired she will put on a long navy night robe with the Fairy Tail guild symbol on the right side over her breast. In the pool OVA she is seen wearing a black bikini with blue lace around it so she can get Grey to notice her.

When she was in the guild Sabertooth she wore a satin red dress similar to a traditional Chinese dress with her long hair down and her celestial spirit keys on either side of her boots.


Kurome only shows emotion around Grey and Sting since she loves them both dearly and would die without them. But when she is not with them she is always wearing a poker face and will show no emotion except for anger when a fight breaks out between Natsu and Grey or if she sees Juvia near Grey. When she sees Juvia she seems emotionless but she is really ready on the inside to kill a bitch.


Kurome is a celestial spirit Mage because her mother was once a celestial spirit mage before her and she wants to carry on her mother's work. Along with that she is also a user of Dragon Slayer magic and she uses Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic.


-The name 'Kurome' means 'Black Eyes'

-Kurome is named after Akame's sister Kurome from the anime 'Akame Ga Kill'

-Kurome's personality at first is like Yuki Nagato or Rei Ayanami (Haruhi Suzumiya and Evangelion)

-Her last name Magio is a take on the Japanese word witch

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