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"I've been in this game longer than you, so don't try to lecture me on how we're gonna play."

— Kuro - By Datwikiguy

Kuro, is the Elder Spirit associated with change and transformations, the second highest seat of the Tres Daemonia and member of The Five Demons. Despite his association with demons and his self identification as one, Kuro is infact a spirit that was part of a group that created the lands that the humans lived on, with Kuro incharge of the evolution of many species of the land so that they may adapt to their surroundings better than other species.

Kuro is known to offer his services of Therianthropy to the humans that are willing to fight in the name of Kuro and become part of his family. The initiate's form depends on the personality of the human, lycanthropy is very common to the initiates with a violent and angry nature.

Kuro is considered one of the strongest of the Spirits of Creation and the strongest member of both Tres Daemonia and the Five Demons despite his second ranking in both factions.


Kuro chooses to appear to the humans as a large glowing, bloodshot eye with black strains that spike the sides of the eye. Kuro has a red iris that glows everytime the spirit talks, and the large pupil tightens in shape when Kuro is casting magic.


Being one of the firsts spirits in existence and one of the eldest spirits that still live, Kuro looks down on both Spirits and Humans as inferior. Kuro devalues human life, usually participating in the random destruction of towns and cities, murder of innocent civillians and the gruesome and twisted games that he inducts random humans to participate if the spirit is feeling bored.

In combat Kuro is shown to be very concentrated and very violent, often sending out full powered attacks at his enemies but when confronted with the upper hand Kuro is very cocky and very sadistic when dealing with his opponents. His value for his target's life diminishes and takes pleasure in the slow, gruesome torture Kuro inflicts on his victims till they die from exhaustion. Though when shown to be the underdog in a fight Kuro is weak and vulnerable often promising defeat and that the combat will end if his life shall be spared, showing how much of a coward the spirit really is.

Despite this though, Kuro can be seen as very caring and friendly to the members inducted into his family. Kuro cares very much about his initiates and treat them as if they were children of his, training them to use their gift personally and defending them even if it may cost him his life. Likewise these initiates see Kuro as a father figure and are also willing to defend Kuro with their own lives.

Kuro is very clever, using his initiates as spies to gather information, Kuro organises games that are based on the information collected on a specific human. After Kuro has completed his game he transports the human to the game and the human plays to either save a loved one or a better life, because if the participant loses Kuro may destroy the player's body and soul, destroying the person completely.


Kuro existed before the world was created, as he and a few other spirits later formed the world of Earth Land. With other spirits creating beasts such as dragons and wyverns to the humanoid creatures such as humans and vulcans, Kuro was appointed the task of changing the species so that they may adapt to the habitats that these species were placed in. Kuro's changes helped many of the species survive in Earth Land; the dragons grew wings that allowed them the ability of flight, the advancement of the human brain allowed humans to evolve their way of life and become the dominant species.

After the completion of Earth Land was announced the groups of elder spirits came together to discuss what happens next. After a heated argument between two influential spirits the elder spirit population split, with half naming themselves Gods for the people of Earthland to praise, worship and fear and the other half staying as Elder Spirits, which Kuro decided to stay with. This split created a rift that allowed more spirits to be born from the essence that flowed from the tear, creating the seperation and identification of Elder Spirits and the new spirits.

Not too long after the split Kuro joined with a few demons, who had called themselves 'fallen angels' as a result of their godhood denied by the other gods. Kuro and the fallen angels formed the Tres Daemonia, a group that aims to destroy the worship of these gods through desecration and blasphemy. As time went on the membership of Tres Daemonia changed as the fallen angels that joined fought against many of the gods who were able to destroy their former comrades, but Kuro had somehow been able to keep his place as the second seat of the Tres Daemonia. It was during the late generations of the Tres Daemonia that Kuro and few other fallen angels formed The Five Demons, a team composed of the five strongest members of Tres Daemoniam that took on the various missions that mainly included the assassination of various important humans.

It was during this time that Kuro's value for humans slowly diminished as the many humans he was missioned to kill had abused many human rights and principles, from crime bosses to slave masters Kuro lost his respect for humanity after being contracted to kill one of the worst human he had ever met. A crime boss that was forming an army out of young wizards stolen from orphanges. After killing the crime boss Kuro adopted the child army and granted them the gift of Therianthropy, making them the first to ever have the gift.

Magic and Abilities

Therianthropy the user granted this ability may transform into an animal that is based on the user's personality. Therianthropy is very similair to Take Over magic but the difference is that Therianthropy is magic that was created by Kuro himself and the only way to recieve the magic is to become initiated into Kuro's family.

Elder Magic is a magic that had existed before the magic that is known in the present time. Elder Magic varies among the Elder Spirits. Kuro's Elder Magic mainly focuses on changing the form and function of a target, but can include some destructive spells.

  • Elder Magic: Novis Kuro is able to reverse the blood flow of a living creature, disrupting the functions of their organs.
  • Elder Magic: Recensere Kuro changes the form and shape of a target. This magic is more of a forced Therianthropy where Kuro controls what form and when the change will commence.
  • Elder Magic: Avos Kuro can call on a deadly ray of burning light that blast down from the sky and decimate a large area.

Oculi Mei Semper is a curse magic that allows Kuro to track his targets and gain knowledge of the minds of the cursed target, allowing him to know what his enemies next moves will be. This curse also embeds the image of the ever watching Kuro that haunts the victim till the curse is removed. This effect can cause victims to become mentally unstable, psychopathic and can even place the target under Kuro's command if their will power is not strong enough.

Virus is a Black Magic which allows the user to inflict pain in the target through the creation of a virus in any part of the target's body.


Judgement A blade crafted by Kuro and the first members of The Five Demons that can inflict more pain the more evil the target of the blade is. The sword emits a bright golden light from the blade and can be used to potentially blind enemies for a small amount of time. A red jewel crafted into the middle of the hilt serves as the function of judgement and is a piece of Kuro himself. If the blade is used by an initiate of Kuro the blade will shift into a darker version with the blade reversing it's function to the more good in the targets heart the more painful the strike.


  • Zeref Dragneel: Kuro despises Zeref due to the belief of Zeref's abuse of magic power. During the existence of the Alvarez Empire Kuro occasionally sent initiates to assassinate the dark mage who was able to quickly vanquish the children of the elder spirit.
  • Acnologia: Kuro and Acnologia had only met once in a violent battle during the uprising of humanity against the dragons that chose to not coexist. The result of the battle left many major impacts on both figures, Kuro becoming a bloodshot eye due to Acnologia's devastating attacks and the Oculi Mei Semper curse casted upon Acnologia making the dragon psychopathic and violent.
  • Chronos: Chronos is one of the Elder Spirits that departed from the population to become a God, in hopes that she will be worshipped and served by the human population. Because of this Kuro stands against Chronos, despite the Spirit of Change's partnership before with the Spirit/God of Time.
  • Ikusa-Tsunagi: Another Elder Spirit that parted from the Elder Spirit population, Kuro also chooses to stand against Ikusa-Tsunagi. When Natsu Dragneel defeated the God it wasn't Natsu that killed him but was Kuro who truly slayed the God. Before Ikusa-Tsunagi was hit by the spell preformed to defeat him by Natsu, Kuro had dragged Ikusa-Tsunagi into his plane of Obliti which had stopped time on the Earthen Realm allowing Kuro to weaken and kill Ikusa. Just before Ikusa had shattered due to Kuro's full powered attacks Kuro sent Ikusa back to the Earthen realm to give off the belief that Natsu had killed the War God.
  • Rob: Rob had heard of Kuro during his time working in Fairy Tail and decided to pursue the Spirit of Change. After discovering the initiates and the spirit himself, Kuro and Rob established a friendly alliance between the two. Kuro later broke this friendship when Kuro killed off Rob during the slave revolt in the Tower of Heaven by purging Rob's body with Elder Magic: Recensere.


  • At some point Kuro was examined by Rune Knights for future operations. These statistics were later recovered by Tres Demonia agents as part of their mission to eliminate records of Kuro that the Rune Knights have contained.
  • Kuro's vision had become damaged after his long battle against Acnologia. This is why Kuro cannot recognise most of his initiates when they have been summoned to Kuro's court in Obliti.
  • Just as every Elder Spirit, Kuro created himself his own plane that he resides in with his initiates to avoid the Earthen realm called Obliti. Obiliti is described as an exact copy of Earth Land but with all the towns and cities devastated and destroyed by the initiates.
  • Kuro attempted all full powered invasion of Earth Land with portals that would open all over the continent. This invasion failed when the activation of Face removed the magic that would open the Spirit's portals.
Magic Power

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