Kurami Akari is a mage to soon join Fairy Tail.

Appearance Edit

MyStyle (3)

Kurami Angelic Form

Angelic Form: Kurami has a very sweet adorable appearance in this form. She has big greyish white glossy eyes and a grey diamond on her forehead. She waist-length whitish blonde hair which is in different styles most of the time.

She is pear-shaped meaning her hips are disproportionately wide in relation to the upper part of her body. She although is slender. She is semi-tanned in her skin color, with a white guild mark located on the left side of her stomach. Kurami loves to wear white but she will switch up her colors. Kurami does not consistently wear the same outfit.

MyStyle (2)

Kurami Demonic Form

Demonic Form: Kurami has a very sexy appearance in this form. She has evil eyes, one red eye with a sliced pupil with a black sclera and one full black sclera eye she has a scar that goes through her one red eye. She has a black symbol on her forehead and her hair is slicked back which goes below her waist and is snow white.

She is pear-shaped meaning her hips are disproportionately wide in relation to the upper part of her body. She becomes pale in this form. She has elf ears that extend outward. Her canines extend to a sharper point. She can be seen wearing something either red, black or both which is very sexy and revealing.


Personality Edit

She is a clever, kind, and a genuinely caring person. Kurami is very calm yet she can behave like a child. She is very intelligent and has a keen intuition she also likes shopping, cooking, and assertive men. Her favorite colors are blue and white. She can be very headstrong and has great leadership skills but she does not get very excited about fighting and is not quick to resort to violence as the solution. Although if violence is absolutely necessary she will stand up.

Magic and Abilities Edit

Angelic and Demonic magic: She is usually seen in her Angelic Form. She usually unleashes her Demonic Form in serious situations.

Angelic Form: Flight which is provided by growing Angel wings, she can also float. Healing she is able to heal the ill and wounded. She is able to manipulate three elements, Light and Wind. She also has the ability to read future events. She can turn her body into a swarm of white doves to leave a bad situation quickly.

Demonic Form: Flight which is provided by her bat-like wings. When she first transforms she sends out a dark energy force field which has the ability to kill opponents who are close to her. She has shadow magic which she can control shadows and turn into shadows. She has Increased Durability as well as super-strength. She can also has super-speed. She can disintegrate into black sand. she has durability against fire.

Kurami can die but has the power of self-resurrection.

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