Kaori Fernandes is the daughter of Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes. 


Kaori was born with a large amount of magical power. When she was six, she learned a magic called Hum and joined Fairy Tail. Kaori also learned Celestial Spirit Magic and Requip. She was part of the Jellal Corps, which included her father, Jellal, and her mother, Erza. Kaori was incredibly talented. Because of her great amount of magic power, he was nicknamed Shylee, which means ‘fairy princess’. Kaori was the second most powerful mage in Fairy Tail. Because of her level of magic energy, Kaori became one of the Ten Wizard Saints. Kaori has a beautiful laugh and is the BFF of Nashi Dragneel.


Kaori is mostly like Erza, but she has bit of Jellal in her.

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