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Joji sakura

Joji Sakura

Joji Sakura (譲二さくら) is a spirit/illusion dragon slayer,Her book is full of restless spirits from the underworld to help her on her missions and guide her(depending if the spirits are in the mood too), People mistakened her for a Dark mage but is actually a S-class mage, Joji works ALONE, and is'nt in best socalizing with Mages,but she is friends with people, She's friends with alittle ghost friend inside her book but refuses to go ouside because some spirits can burn/cripple/explode when they are in the sunlight, so Joji does her missions mostly in the night.Edit


Joji is quite petite, she is 5' 3 1/2 , she has a thin yet curvy body, she has multicolored hair, light colred skin,and has dark red eyes.Her Fairy tail Mark is located on her left arm in her wrist.

She wears a light grey jacket with a light blue strapless shirt, she wears jean shorts and pink stockings with black boots with no heels, and she often wears pony tails.

People describe her as "okay" as her looks, not many men in fairy tail take intrest in her because of her appearence and magic,and also that she is related to  Gajeel Redfox (cousin)


She is often a quiet person at a table in fairy tail reading,She is very smart,quirky,and friendly if you get to know her.She is very often "Yandere" if some on angers her or hurts her friends. She can be easily ticked off by anybody of sometimes when someone touches her book, she probably kicks/throws/punches them out the window,and her usual phrase is "DON'T TOUCH MY BOOK YOU DUMB BUTT" after she sends them/he/she out the window.Natsu and Gray think of her as the second scariest to Erza in the guild. When Gajeel teases her,she punches him in the jaw hardly which makes him fall down.