Jay Conbolt: hes the son of Wendy Marvell and romeo conbolt (this is 20 years after Wendy shows in the anime)

Appearance: he hears a white t shirt, a navy blue open hoodie with gold trims on the cuff and zipper part, and baggy black pants held up by a dark blue belt, he hears a set of white head phones, has dark purple hair like his dad romeo, and blue eyes like his dad. has the fairy tail sighn on his left shoulder its purple. hes 12 too. he wears his moms shatter cannon  latched on the right side of his belt.

personality: he takes a little from his mom but is mostly like his dad. like defending the guild no matter what. he can be shy around new people like his mom. he is very kind to his team mates like Easton Fernandez and Grayson Fullbuster. he likes to cheer up his guild mates.

history: he was born a few years before Easton and Grayson. he wanted to join fairy tail all his life like his mom and dad. when he turned 5 he joined his first guild but it wasn't fairy tail he joined blue Pegasus. at 5 he had already been trained with magic by his mom and dad. he was taught three types of magic by his mom dad and Hibiki of Blue Pegasus. when he turned 9 he joined fairy tail he was so excited. on his 11th birthday Wendy gave him the Shatter Cannon. All the way till he turned twelve he trained as hard as he could. on his twelfth birthday they told him he reached s-class.

Magic: his dad taught him rainbow fire magic he mastered that at 7. was taught archive magic by hibiki he mastered that by 8. finally his mom taught him sky dragon slayer magic and healing magic he mastered that at twelve.

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