Jade Nightwalker

Jade Nightwalker is a OC belonging to deviantpokemontrainerjay, a fanfiction author. She is the main character in his story The Girl from Edolas. She is the younger sister of Erza Nightwalker and is the Edolas counterpart of Hisui E. Fiore. She uses telekinesis magic and goes through various complication.

Relationships: As of 12/11/2015, Jade has no love intrest. as far as friends go, Jade is shown to be a older sister like character to Romeo and sees Wendy as a odd girl. She has a history of run ins with Zeref and on occasion, wished the Tenrou group never returned.

History: Jade accidently stumbled through into earth-land via the Mirror of Worlds. Upon arrival, one year after the Tenrou group vanished, she joined Fairy Tail, quickly learning magic and eventually, Fairy Tail's only present S-Class mage. When the Tenrou group returned, she was confused and left on a mission where Zeref revealed his identity to her. Since then, she has tried to commit suicide because of worry that she could possibly corrupted by Zeref, she was saved from drowning by Gildarts and stripped of her S-Class status by Makarov. She has also claims that she wants to 'finish her fight with Sting', with the group having no clue who this is.

Personality: Jade is concerned for her friends and her guild, any money she made on jobs went straight to Twilight Ogre to pay off the debt. But with the Tenrou group returned and Zeref ordering her to spy for him on Natsu, Jade is in a emotional turmoil.

Magic: Jade shows very powerful telekinesis magic, including creating barriers that can hold weight, essentially allowing her to appear as if she walks on air.

The Girl from Edolas is a ongoing story on

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