"I won't lose to the same opponent twice so wash your neck and watch me beat you to a pulp!"

-Ikuto to Kuroki in "Save Lucy!"


Ikuto has blonde messy hair that reaches to his neck, onyx eyes and muscular body. His usual attire is similar to Natsu's and Romeo's attire, just that he possessed a bracelet etched "Brave celestial" on it. The meaning behind those words is unknown yet. He appears on the Weekly Socerer with his father Natsu and mother Lucy as "Happy Family". His guild mark is located and his left chest and is yellow in color.


He is usually described as calm and cool by his fan girls but a glutton and joker by Fairy Tail due to his uncontrollable urge to eat at all times. He seems to have a crush on Bisca and Alsack's daughter, Asuka for example he blushed when Asuka fed him a sushi after his intense battle with Brain leaving him severely injured. He dislike it when people call him "Ikkun" and will comically burn their butts with his "Fire Magic". But aside from this, He is cheerful and has a 'tsundere' character only in front of Asuka.


Ikuto handles "Fire Magic" and "Celestial Magic". He combines this two magic well enough to even make Jura have a run for his money.

Fire Beam (Kasai Bimu) This attack is powerful enough to send a group of muscular men flying.

Fire Demon (Kasai Akuma) A group of demon made of fire would appear before magic user and can be for combat or protection use.

Sticky Flame (Suttiki-En) Like the name says, the user can produce sticky flames. It can be used for entertainment and combat purpose. Ikuto uses it to trap his opponent

Ultimate Fire (Kyukyoku no Hi) A combination or Sticky Flame and Fire Demon.(This move "defeated" Natsu)

Ikuto Kick (Ikuto Kikku) Like Lucy, Ikuto kicks the enemy on the crotch while saying "Ikuto Kick!".


  • Future mirror arc
  • Rebel puppets arc
  • Manipulated/Lisanna arc
  • Asuka arc
  • Sungei Town Arc