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Hikaru Minato (ヒカル港, Hikaru-ko) is a Mage of the Lamia Scale guild, and leader of Team Volcano. Considered one of the strongest members of his guild, Hikaru wields the powerful Lost Magic Flame Giant Slayer Magic, taught to him by an actual giant, the flame giant Nir.


Hikaru is a tall, well-muscled young man with striking purple hair and dull black eyes. He always wears a purple and green scarf, with a black vest with a green trim. He also wears a brown shorts, with torn ends. His shorts are held up by a belt with a ruby embedded into it. Hikaru wears a slightly different outfit after the timeskip, now with a full shirt with one long sleeve and the other missing.The shirt is teal in color.



Magic and AbilitiesEdit


Flame Giant Slayer Magic (炎巨人特効魔法, Honō Kyojin tokkō mahō)- A very powerful Lost Magic taught to Hikaru by his foster father, the giant Nir. It allows Hikaru to duplicate the abilities most associated with a Flame Giant, including devouring flame, flame emerging from his mouth when yelling, and able to generate flame around him. It is widley regarded to be a very strong magic.

  • Flame Giant's Mammoth Fist (炎巨人の巨大な拳, Honō Kyojin no kyodaina ken)- Hikaru surrounds his fist with flame, then leaps at the opponent, delivering a powerful blow in the shape of a giant's fist.
  • Flame Giant's Howl (炎巨人の遠吠え, Hono Kyojin no Toboe)- Hikaru takes a deep breath, then expels fire violently from his mouth, causing massive damage. If he moves his head, Hikaru can direct this power.
  • Flame Giant's Mammoth Stomp (炎の巨人マンモスストンプ, Hono Kyojin no Toboe)- Hikaru surrounds his foot with flames, his foot starts to get larger and larger, he then does a large leap to his opponent, delivering a powerful stomp in the shape of a giants foot.
  • Flame Giant's Fire Eruption (炎の巨人火災噴火, Hono Kyojin no Toboe)- Hikaru punches the ground and cracks surrounds his opponent, fire erupts out of the cracks like a flame cage.


Major BattlesEdit

Hikaru Minato x Hiro Dragneed