Hidori and Mira
  • Hidori Simonadu (ひどりー氏も名付け ) is a Mage who is Never unhappy. Currently dating Mira-San, he try's to play cool with everyone. to impress Mira.


Hidori never really had a background. Hidori wasn't good in school. He mucked around in class most of the time.


Hidori has bright purple hair, green eyes, and white skin.


Guild: Fairy Tail

Name: Hidori Simonadu

Kanji: ひどりー氏も名付け

Romanji: Hìdori Shimonadú

Magic: Diamond Magic

Age: 20

Relatives: Gray Fullbuster (Step Brother)

Mark Location: Kneck

Status: Active

Relationship: Mira Jane


This picture here, shows Mira on top of Hidori, when they wished Hikari and Angel a Happy Birthday..

It Shows, Sting, Rouge, Tahnee, Zoe, Hikari, Angel, Mira, Hidori and Ally. few are from Fairy Tail, most are from the Sabertooth guild.

Hidori is a bit of a show off, like his brother.

he altough doesn't have an addiction of taking off his clothes like his brother haha.

i hope you really liked this Wikia Page

~Connor Swanson

creator r of Hidori Simonadu

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