Grayson Fullbuster: hes one of Gray and Juvia fullbusters kids.

Appearance: he dresses like his dad a little bit. he wears a gray t-shirt. with a solid white open coat. black pants and a chain hanging from the far left pants belt buckle. wears black sneakers. he also wears some polo shirts. his mom makes him dress in them though. he has blue hair and dark blue eyes like his mom. and hes 15.

personality: he is completely determined. no matter what he wants to beat jay even though jays 3 years younger than him. Hes very competitive always challenging jay to competitions. hes physicaly trained. hes gained his fathers habit of removing his clothes though. even though he always will protect his team mates and his guild. but hes very short tempered. he also is very impatient. but knows the wait is for the great or good of the plan.

history: he is a very smart and strong kid. he was determined to join fairy tail since his 4th birth day. he's been friends with Easton for a long time. grayson met jay when he was 9. jay was only 6. grayson wanted a rival when he turned 13 so he became rivals with jay. jay was all for it even though hes 3 years younger. in there first fight in fairy tail he lost to jay. so he started training. People told him that wizards had to focus on mental training so there not physicaly strong. so after he mastered magic he trained in physical combat. Easton made everyone get on a team he wasn't to happy to be on a team with jay. jay is completely fine with it. he turned s-class at 10.

magic: he was taught ice make and ice devil slayer magic by his dad and was taught water magic by his mom. he has only mastered ice make and water hes still learning ice devil slayer.

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