Godfree is the cousin of Zeref and Natsu Dragneel. His adopted father like Natsu is a dragon and known as the King of Dragons Altor.

   Note: this character is fake. it may have been used in a fanfiction though


Has black curly hair and brownish skin. Greyish eyes.


Wants to find dragonslayers and ask them if they know of his past. Likes to make new friends. He dosen't know what to think of the current era. Not very smart when it comes to most htings but his a genuis when it comes to fighting or trying to learn about his past. Has a crush on Aura. Dosen't show his true power unless he has to and won't metion hes a dragon slayer even if he talks to drangon slayers.


Nashi Dragneel is the daughter of Natsu and Lucy.

Orphaned at the age of 1 because of his parents unknown death. On the ground crying he was found by Altor who became attached to the boy. Eventually when he was 7 Altor told him to go and find the wizard known as Achnologia and kill him. On his quest for his father he ran into a young wizard known as Zeref. Zeref had remember who he was as a boy and explained to him about his family and how he was going to save Natsu. Aafter there encounter Godfree came across a magical village, in this village ha made a close freind known as Aura. She possed Aura magic. One day after Aura heard of his quest she metioned she had a close relation to Achnologia. Aura told Godfree to meet her in the villages sacred caves before he continued his journey and then well he was fast a sleep she casted a 400 year sealing magic which seals both the user and victim. he awakens in the year x796 only aged by 8 years which he is now 15. The spell also affects the mind and completely wipes it. But is able to remember Altor, Dragon Slayers,  Zeref, Achnologia, Aura, and the name Natsu.

Magic & AbilitiesEdit

King Dragon Slayer Magic: Grants him the ability to use all forms of dragon slayer magic and eat all forms, but this magic has its very own power which produces a power of light and darkness which gives him the power to shoot them as energy magic whichis a very destructive power.

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