"I'm not afraid of you, I'm giving a chance to turn back"

— Ember Sophelia to Emerald Green

Ember Sophelia Edit

Ember Sophelia

Emmy (by her friends)


Half-Human Half-Fairy


15px-Female Female




6 ft


102 lbs


June 13 1998

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation

Diamond Prison Evil Hearts

Guild Mark Location

left arm



Previous Occupation


Base of Operations

Fairy Tail Guild

Personal Status

S-Class Mage


Sapphire Sophelia (sister)


Emmy Soph


Flame Magic Fire Mystery Magic


Fire Wand Fire Sword

Ember Sophelia is a clever, and charismatic girl. She often gets into trouble to get what she wants. She is very strong, but sometimes uses her magic for bad things.

Appearance Edit

Ember is a slim, young lady who really red eyes, and very long blonde hair. Ember has naturally red lips and a touching face.

Ember often wears white shoes that look like converses. She wears a boyfriend shirt, and ballerina jeggings. At times she also wears a floral skirt and a white shirt. She wears a floral dress as well. She has a key necklace, but doesn't know what the key is actually for. She also wears fire-tech gear to protect her from any possible harm. She often ties her long hair in a ponytail, and adds a fire clip.

Personality Edit

Ember has a brimming personality and gets easily mad, which is a key fact to why she does bad things. Ember also often over-reacts, and is mostly optimistic, unless it has to do with her family. Ember thinks very lowly of most mages, due to her above average magic, she is naturally a leader and is never scared of challenges. She bonds easily, and often uses people as bait for her plans. She is thought of by her friends as a master of disguise.

History Edit

When Ember was 5 years old, her twin sister, Sapphire was picked as one of the most beautiful toddlers in Fiore. Jealous that her parents didn't choose Ember as a potential nominee, Ember decides to prank Sapphire with thinking that the award was fake, causing Sapphire to not receive the award and made Ember's parents focus on Ember.

When Ember turns 15, she decides to join a guild, at that time, Evil Hearts kidnaps her and after seeing her hate and power, they recruit her to be a part of the guild. But soon, she gets caught by one of the newest recruits of the Magic Council snooping around a top secret potions room, she manages to hand the recipes off to Mist before she caught taken away.

At 17, the Magic Council releases Ember into the wild after her being in the Diamond Prison for two years, Ember decides to change herself and joins Fairy Tail, and soon becomes a S-Class Mage.

It is said at her time in the Diamond Prison she formed a relationship with Lon Green, a Magic Council member, but no one has actually seen them together in the past two years. Ember supposedly used him to let her free much to Lon's dismay, but he still very deeply cares for and loves Ember, even though Ember was a criminal and she cheated on him. Ember eventually made up with Lon.

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