Eli Gunnarsson



Irai Gun'naruson


Gunnar (Gun'nar)




15px-Female Male.


7 (Before 7 Year Arc) 14 (After 7 Year Arc)


7: 121 cm or 4'0" 14: 164 cm or 5'6"


7: 22.9 kg or 50.5 pounds 14: 50.8 kg or 112 pounds



Hair Color

Brown, but gets darker when wet.

Eye Color


Blood Type

AB -

Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation


Guild Mark Location

On left chest, surrounded with cult-like symbols.


Mage (B Class) but occasionally takes over the bar



Previous Team

Team Gunnar!


Mal (Exceed)

Previous Partner(s)

Mal (Exceed)

Base of Operations

Fairy Tail 1st Building Fairy Tail 2nd Building

Personal Status



Father (KIA) Mother (KIA) Older Brother (MIA) Older Sister (MIA) Ragnarok (Dragon/Foster Father) Alive


Ragna Gunnarsson


Ice Dragon Slayer Magic Ice God Slayer Magic



Manga Debut

105. That Man, Laxus

Anime Debut

43. Defeat Your Friends, To Save Your Friends

Game Debut


Japanese Voice

Koki Uchiyama (both as child and teenager)

English Voice

Myself (Eli Petherick, both as child and teenager)

Third child of Gunnar, Eli was born in a quiet little mountain town at the base of Mount. Hakobe. Gifted for it's pure soil and excellent weather conditions, that to outsiders seem lucky. But a darker, more sinister event transpired for their virtuous luck.

Every since time began a old and wise dragon reined over the town, offering a deal that the mayor at the time couldn't turn away. In order for their good luck to continue they would sacrifice 4 children to the mountain. If the children were lucky they would reach the top and await the dragons call. Here, the dragon would then collaborate with the children. This tradition has and always will be the pinnacle of this quite village.

Son to the last of the previous children Gunnar, Eli too journeyed up the mountain along with his three companions. After a week of climbing, two of his friends had passed away from frostbite. Only him and his friend Heidi, had made it to the Dragons Lair. Here, the dragon waited for the next batch of degenerates, for one to be finally crowned as his Dragon Slayer. Majority of most candidates were turned down the chance to become this. After arriving, the dragon introduced itself as Ragnarok, the Liberian.

Heidi and Eli were offered two choices, become his instruments or leave. After realizing the perils that came with the mountain decent, the both promptly chose the less death-like choice. Ragnarok assigned them their positions and gave them the abilities. Heidi was to be the next in line for the Dragon Slayer Magic, but after two years of training Ragnarok had forced them to fight. Eli and Heidi fought, hour after hour until Ragnarok intervened and killed Heidi.

Eli rampaged against Ragnarok, but lost. Meaning that he's life was forfeited, and became the mage he is today. Learning God Slayer Magic at night and Dragon Slayer Magic by day until eventually fleeing the facility, running away from Ragnarok. This results in their fight at the base of the mountain causing the destruction of the entire town. After defeating Ragnarok (in a knocked out state) Eli takes some of Ragnarok's blood, and runs off. After purchasing a Lacrima, Eli crushes the Lacrima in a fight. Despite the crushed Lacrima, Eli continues to mix both the blood, the Lacrima and tattoo ink to re-create the village enchantment symbol over his entire peck. This then alters Eli's Dragon Slayer Magic, from a First Generation to a Third.

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