Appearance: black shirt, dark blue jeans, brown shoes, red spiky hair, wheres armor all the time like his mom, some times a orange hoodie, and a glove on his left hand, and is 14. his fairy tail emblem is on back left of his neck.

Personality: Can be serious or fun depends on whats going on, take most of his traits from his mom, some times can be utterly stupid, wants to train as hard as he can, energetic. His favorite word is


Backstory: Is the youngest of Erza and Jellal's kids. he grew up though wanting to be the strongest. By the time he was 4 he was alright training with his dad Jellal. By 8 he started training with Erza for Requip Magic. At 12 he was pretty strong. He joined Fairy Tail when he was 4. His team is him with Jay Conbolt and Grayson Fullbuster. When he turned nine he had hit his 50th mission. He had made about 100,000 jewels on that mission. He became S-class when he turned 13. He always trained and it payed off.

Magic: He uses Requip like his mom and Holy Magic like his dad Jellal he mastered both of these by his fourteenth birthday.

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