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"Do you intend to madden the incarnation of terror itself!"

— Denthanus

Denthanus is the only dragon excluding Acnologia that did not disappear at the year X777. He is a Hellfire Dragon and was foster father of Kai Toshia.

Appearance Edit

Denthanus is a massive Dragon whose body is covered with pitch black leather skin that has a withered look too it. Denthanus's wings, like the rest of his body also look withered, due to the thin skin on his wings there is multiple holes in them. His back has numerous spikes similar to those on a Alien Xenomorph. Denthanus has 2 long horns on his head, his right horn is broken in half. Denthanus's tail has many spikes lining the top of it and a large spear like spike on the tip.

History Edit

Denthanus is one of the oldest dragons in existence, he is considered a legend among many dragons. Denthanus's exact birth date is not known as even he himself has forgotten, all he remembers about his childhood was that even dragons were a rare sight at the time. Denthanus's legend does not have a straight forward story but is instead multiple rumors, this was a result of how reclusive he was. A few rumors in Denthanus's story were that many dragons suspected him to have been the dragon to create a truce with the humans, he was also thought to be the first dragon to teach humans Dragon Slayer Magic, along with this many dragons think that he may have known Acnologia before he became a dragon.

Personality Edit

Denthanus is extreme recluse, he attempts to avoid contact with all forms of intelligent life at any cost. When he is not in hiding he can be very lively while at the same time be incredibly annoyed at everything as dislikes society and civilization in general. When he gets angered it can be compared to dropping an atomic bomb on top of another atomic bomb, his anger usually results in the death of hundreds as well as the destruction of much of the surrounding terrain.

Magic and Abilites Edit

Magic: Edit

Hellfire Dragon Slayer: Very similar to Fire Dragon Slayer magic but is made of green hell fire, the fire can hold a solid form as the hell fire can burn for much longer than regular fire.

Telepathy: Denthanus is extremely skilled in this form of magic, he is able to communicate with anyone from anywhere around the world.

Abilities: Edit

Flight: Being a Dragon, Denthanus possesses the ability to fly through the air using his wings; it is currently unknown how he does this as his wings have many holes in them.

Immense Strength: Though he no longer looks like it Denthanus has incredible power rivaling even the force of an explosion from an Etherion blast.

Likes/Dislikes Edit



Trivia Edit

  • Many humans and dragons alike worshiped Denthanus as a god like entity

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