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"The things that people go after are just wealth, but Fairy Tail was the family I never had, and they are the wealth I am running for!"

— Crystal To Sting

Crystal Snow

The Ice Goddess




15px-Female Female




Year X677

Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Guild Mark Location

Left shoulder




Team Natsu


Gray Fullbuster

Base of Operations

Fairy Tail

Personal Status



Gray Fulbuster (Boyfriend)


Crystal Sterling


Ice Dragon Slayer

Ice Make Magic



Rosalia Effilia

Crystal is an Ice Dragon Slayer and an Ice Mage, a normal-rank mage of Fairy Tail, and is a member of Team Natsu. She is often called as 'The Ice Goddess' and she is famous for a cover girl in Weekly Sorcerer and her battle against Juvia.

Personality Edit

Crystal is seen to be shy, described as 'kawaii' or cute and quiet. She is also very talkative and sweet arounds the people she is comfortable with. She cares deeply for her friends.

She is also very boyish, she is very loyal to the people she cares for. She is often at the guild, and prefers to spend time with either Gray, Athena or Yuuko.

She often gets into a fight with Natsu, ending up with both of their heads bonked into each other by Erza.

She likes to read books, write stories or even sing a song. She is eager to help anyone in need, even sacrficing her life for the greater good.

She also is fond of Gray and Lyon, and she also have a perverted mind. She was also a cover girl for Sorcerer Weekly and is rather called cute and beautiful by men, especially by her boyfriend, Gray.

She is not that fond of Sting Eucliffe flirting with her, due by his saying that the 1st Generation Dragon Slayers are weaklings. Considering the irony of Crystal being a 4th Generation Hybrid. And also because Gray is her boyfriend.

Juvia and Crystal fought for Gray, in the end, Crystal won. But she apologized saying 'There's alot of fish in the sea' 

Appearance Edit

Crystal is wearing a sky blue dress-like shirt, a white short sleeveless jacket, blue shorts, with white stockings with dark blue boots. Her Blue-colored Fairy Tail guild mark is located on her left shoulder.

She once wore a dress that was royal blue-colored and had gold lines outlined with matching heels for The Miss Fairy Tail Contest. She also have a bikini that she is too shy to wear. She also sometimes wear a blue sleeveles shirt with a gold skirt and white kneecap boots.

History Edit

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Magic And Abilities Edit

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Equipment Edit

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Trivia! Edit

  • Crystal is supposedly gonna have Teleporting Magic (alongside as an Ice Dragon Slayer), but was scrapped since Motion Sickness was already okay.

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