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Crime Sorcière (魔女の罪, クリムソルシェール, Kurimu Sorushiēru) is an independent guild. The guild's primary objective is to eradicate all evil brought about by Dark Guilds and Zeref, with the members seeking redemption for the crimes and atrocities they committed in their past.


During the past 7 years, Jellal Fernandes, imprisoned by the Magic Council, was rescued by Ultear Milkovich and Meredy. After their escape, they founded Crime Sorcière as a guild that would attempt to destroy Dark Guilds and ultimately defeat Zeref. Not long after that they have stumbled upon Justine Lore, who, having the exact same aim, because of which she also gained Magic Council's attention, they offered to join them.

According to Jet, they have destroyed many Dark Guilds during the past 7 years.

During the Grand Magic Games, Jellal disguised himself as Mystogan to find and identify where the sources of Zeref's Magic (Future Lucy and Rogue) are coming from. During the attack of dragons, Ultear used all her power to rewind time, assisting the mages in creating a new future for victory. This, however, aged the woman greatly, forcing her to leave the guild.

After the destruction of Magic Council and the release of the Oración Seis members, Jellal, at the request of Doranbolt, fought against the latter; defeating them, while later offering them join their guild in order to take down Zeref, with the Dark Mages eventually obliging.

During the year following Fairy Tail's disbandment, Crime Sorcière requested the help of Erza and Gray to go on a reconnaissance mission to infiltrate the Avatar cult. With the "infiltration" plan eventually failing, the revived Team Natsu helped defeat the members, putting an end to Operation Purify in the process.

Strength Edit

Crime Sorcière is comprised of all strong and former Dark Mages. Over the past year, the Mages of the guild have shown extraordinary results in their power from Jellal being able to completely darken the sky before unleashing his spell to Meredy utilizing her Maguilty Sense in its truest form: the ability to combine the power of two into one to decimate the opposition that are among two-thirds of the Balam Alliance; the strongest group of Dark Guilds in Fiore.

Members Edit

Name Rank Team Status
Jellal FernandesMageUnknownActive
Justine LoreMageUnknownActive
Richard BuchananMageUnknownActive
Ultear MilkovichMageUnknownLeft Guild

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