Appearance Edit

Christine is a slender, well-endowed young woman with long, light-colored hair and fringes framing her face. She wore a blue ornament. She dons a cloak clasped together by a star-shaped clip, with feathery protrusions that cover her chest, shoulders, and mid-back, over her blouse and shorts. The cloak flared at her feet, where it is divided into flowing sections secured by ribbons. She wears a white pair of socks that stopped at her mid-thighs. Her Sky Hunter mark is located on the back side of her neck.

Personality Edit

Wild, psycho lady, who destroys everything on her way.

History Edit

As a child, she was running on the sandy seaside during a terrible storm away from evil old witch. In strife to save herself, she swam in the sea away from chaser. In fear she swam to far from the seaside, so she began drowning, no one could hear her begging for help, as the child drowned. When all hope was lost, and she was already dying, Christine was saved by a Sea King Dragon named Rylarth. She was the only human, whom the Dragon ever loved as a child, so he wanted to teach her Sea King Dragon Slayer Magic.

In 7 July 777 Rylarth misteriously disappeared.Christine again left alone. In need in money and sustenance, she got her livelihood by doing crimes. Robbing small shops and walking by people. Christine was elusive because of her powerful magic. But soon understanding her fault, Christine joined Crime Sorciere to make her sins be forgiven. Few months later, on a mission, she met Daniel Ragnos lonely walking in the forest, who suggested her to join the Sky Hunter Guild. As they became good friends, she decided to join the new Guild.

Magic and Abilities Edit

Sea King Dragon's Roar:Christine inhales deeply, before firing a pressurized stream of water at the opponent, with carries a great amount of force behind it, enough to push back multiple enemies caught in the attack. As with other Sea Dragon Slayer Spells, the temperature of the water can be altered at the will of the user, from scalding hot to freezing cold.

Sea King Dragon's Fist

Sea King Dragon's Leaping Talon

Sea King Dragon's Pressure Fist

Sea King Dragon's Shredding Fin

Sea King Dragon's Crushing Tail

Sea King Dragon's Jaw

Sea King Dragon's Geyser Pillars

Sea King Dragon's Dive Horn

Sea King Dragon's Scales

Sea King Dragon's Wing Attack

Dragon Slayer Secret Arts Edit

Neptune's Trident:Tsunami Wail

Neptune's Trident:Hydra Tail

Neptune's Trident:Kraken's Rage

Neptune's Trident:Whirlpool of the Despair

Neptune's Trident:Ktulhu Call

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