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Cassandra Lilica

Copycat, Mirror Maiden


15px-Female Female

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation

Blue Pegasus

Guild Mark Location

Left Wrist



Base of Operations

Fairy Tail Guild Hall

Personal Status



Cassandra Nightshade


Mimic Magic

Cassandra is a Mimic Magic Mage and a member of the guild, Fairy Tail. She was previously a member of Blue Pegasus with her sister Karen Lilica, now deceased. Since her sister's death, she has resigned from modelling in Sorcerer magazine, as it was Karen who forced her into it in the first place.

Appearance Edit

Cassie had light green hair that is cut just below her shoulder blades. Her hair is wavy and unruly most of the time, similar to her sister. She has brown eyes framed by thick lashes that are almost covered by her fringe. Cassie has a heart shaped face with a beauty spot just under her right eye. She has a creamy pale complexion and burns easily in the sun. She has a slender body, and

Her pale green Fairy Tail mark is found on her left wrist, whereas her her Blue Pegasus mark was previously on her right wrist. Her clothing varies depending on where she is and what her situation is, but the color scheme mostly stays the same: Pale green, Gold and Black or White. The most common accessory she is seen with is a choker necklace with a pendant hanging from it made of mirror glass- a nod to her magical abilities.

Personality Edit

Cassie has always been the more innocent and kind one of the Lilica sisters. She always stood up for what she thought was right, no matter how much pain it caused her. Karen cared too little, Cassie cared too much. She abided by her sisters wishes, being an obedient person, but when she began abusing her celestial spirits it caused Cassie to break and yell at her sister, because it simply wasn't right. After the first time she yelled at Karen, she was slapped and kept her inside of her room for a week.

Cassie is a down to earth person and doesn't get angry often, but if you hurt someone who doesn't deserve it you don't want her to know about it. She is often the level headed on in harsh situations, able to stay focused and keep her cool. She does however have claustrophobia, a large fear of small places. If she finds herself in a place that triggers that, she won't be much help to anybody- she'll be too busy having a panic attack.

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