Name: Blaze Dragneel Age: 18 Gender: gay

Guild: Pornhub Guild Mark/Location: the right pec Wizard Rank: Too shit to have one srry m8 Magic: making people get cancer Personality: DICKHEAD GODMOD Likes: Making people lose brain cells Dislikes: People with good grammar Small Bio: Hi I'm blaze dragneel I'm the son of a bitch and i don't have any brothers or sisters . when i was little i always got molested by male stripers. Oh how i wish they would come back and do it more .no one likes me because i'm a douche and i'm a big attention whore who always lies and try to copy people in my free time i watch gay porn and sucking dick thats what i like the most in life but don't tell my girlfirends. i have a crush on every girl i change girlfriends every week cuz they hate me and even if im in a relationship i have crush on other girls :). I'm blaze dragneel the cock sucker and that's my story Appearance: blaze look like a gay piece of shit

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