Bella King

Power Princess


Human Fairy Demon


15px-Female Female




158.7 cm


99 lbs


May 9, 2000

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail Ten Wizard Saints

Guild Mark Location

Left Forearm Bow



Base of Operations

Second Fairy Tail Building

Personal Status



Charles King (twin brother)


Isabella Charles (Edolas)


Mystery Magic Idea Dragon Slayer Magic Heart of One


Crystal Necklace Belt of Magic

Bella is a Mystery Magic and Idea Dragon Slayer user. She is a member of the Ten Wizard Saints and the Fairy Tail Guild. She is considered to be the fifth strongest member of the wizard saints and the youngest to date. She is also famous for her musical talent and ideas. She is considered as strongest teen to roam the earth.

Appearance Edit

Bella is a slim woman, with long blonde hair, and crystal blue eyes. Her face has a soft heart and has small lips. She is very in shape, as she cares much about health and sports. She has been said to look much like her twin. She loves loose clothing, ponytails and bows very much. She also loves hoodies and practically "lives in them".

Her purple Fairy Tail mark is on her left forearm, and many people know her for her beauty. She is considered one of the prettiest teens, as well as being the strongest. Bella doesn't care much for jewelry, so she only wears a crystal necklace, that was given to her by her good friend, Mavis Vermilion. She also wears a Belt of Magic, full of ideas that support her magic.

History Edit

As a child Bella was abandoned by her parents as they were afraid of her massive amounts of power. She and her brother were both adopted by Makarov Dreyar, but they got kidnapped by Ultear Milkovich, who wanted them to join Grimoire Heart. They escaped and was found by the Garou Knights who thought they were villains. They captured Charles, but Bella (who was ten by now) decided to fight them. She defeated all of them, and Toma E. Fiore decided to keep her as a friend for Hisui. Once Bella was thirteen she met Makarov again and she and Charles both decided to join them. She soon became a wizard saint after defeating Makarov in a battle.

Magic and Abilities Edit

  • Heart of One - a spell that can take the opponents mind and create a mark of punishment. The Heart of one can also take the opponent's magic forever and the opponent will never get it back.
  • Mystery Magic - a magic that allows a user to take the magic of the opponents or any magic in the world and use it. If you have not mastered it can hurt the body very much.
  • Idea Dragon Slayer Magic - Bella is a second generation dragon slayer, getting her magic from Ultear. Idea Dragon Slayer Magic is much like other types of Dragon Slayer magic, instead Bella eats up ideas and shoots them as blasts of hearts, souls and ideas.

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