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Avery Reinhart



Eiburī Rainharuto


Typhoon Av by Natsu, Happy and occasionally Azul




9-10 (A Tale of a Dragon) 16 (Winds of Hope)



Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Guild Mark Location

left shoulder




Team Natsu



Base of Operations

First Fairy Tail Building Second Fairy Tail Building (former)

Personal Status



Reisswind (foster mother, deceased)


Avery Sky


Storm Dragon Slayer Magic Dragon Force

Manga Debut

chapter 11

Anime Debut

episode 4

Japanese Voice

Miyuki Sawashiro

"I want to protect my friends... they saved me from myself... So I'm going to do whatever it take to protect my nakama! Even if I have to be their shield it won't matter as long as I can protect them!"

— Avery Reinhart

Avery Reinhart is a Storm Dragon Slayer, a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and a member of Team Natsu. She is the main protagonist of both A Tale of a Dragon and Winds of Hope.

Appearance Edit

In her first appearance during the A Tale of a Dragon arc, she had long orange hair that reaches down to her knees, wore a ragged non-sleeved dress, and wore no shoes. Later on at the end of the trilogy she changes to a much more brighter appearance.

Avery has blue eyes and has orange hair which is always tied up in a messy style. On rare occasions she has her hair down, depending on the occasion, that is slightly below her shoulder. She has an average sized chest (cup b as informed by Natsu) and in the eyes of many has a petite body. Avery never revealed her measurements to anyone to save herself from embarassment, only a few know what they are but from common accidents by both Natsu and Gray. The Weekly Sorcerer has tried many times to ask her for a few swimsuit shots but refuses on the spot.

Her orange Fairy Tail stamp is located on her left shoulder to mirror how Natsu's has his on the right. Additionally, Avery rarely changes outfits but always wears her trademark goggle and dragon scale necklace. 

Personality Edit

During her first year in the guild, Avery was once a distant and quiet girl who would act very cold towards anyone who dares to go near her due to her hate for humans. This can be shown when she would call most of the guild mates by their last names and would even think of an insulting nickname for some. On rare occasions she would snap and attack when irritated, or would just walk away and destroy everything that gets in her way. Only towards Polyscua she would be able to stand but can still find her irritating if being lectured on her hate towards humans. Despite not wanting to do anything with humans, she is shown to have an innocent heart. She tries to hide it, but many of haa seen it through how she silently got excited at many things foreign to her, and if not informed properly on what it is she would make the wildest assumption. Like when she thought Natsu and Lisanna were married seeing as how close the two were when they were children. Through everyone's efforts, she eventually warmed up to them and seemingly reverted back to what's once her original personality.

In the present, Avery is just as carefree and reckless as her similar to some of her guild mates but thinks before she acts. She is very protective of her friends and always takes her chances no matter what it takes in order to protect them even if it means getting hurt in the process. Although she loves spending her days in Fairy Tail, there are many requests given to her my Master Makarov usually take long periods of time and ends up missing out in the craziness of Fairy Tail. So in order to make up for it, she would by numerous presents for the birthdays she's missed and for new guild members she was unable to greet on their first day. Avery is a very well practiced prankster, no thanks to Natsu and Happy's influence, though she tends to go a little bit over board to the point ones sanity is lost and some men tend to question their sexuality after the brutality one her pranks. She never repeats a prank twice, causing the entire guild to be wary whenever Avery comes back or just wants a 'simple' pay back.

This shows that although Avery has changed, there are some parts of her 'old self' that she's retained. Which is mainly her taking things too seriously. Avery is assertive and still true to her beliefs that humans can not truly be trusted but has shown to live past her previous grudge on them. She also still maintains that 'disciplinary' persona. Just like Erza, Avery- in her own way- does not tolerate disobedience in the guild but is said to be more 'forgiving' unlike the queen of fairies. Another trait of hers that she has retained is her love of flying, even though she has an intense fear of heights.  

Overall, her loyalty towards her friends and guild is unwavering and has never thought one of leaving the guild ever again. She shows compassion to those who have been betrayed, both friend or foe alike and often sympathizes with them as she herself knows from personal experience. Avery can hold a grudge for a very long time. It takes a while for her to get over a certain grudge, it only depends on how bad the experience was can she eventually let go. 

She loves sewing with all her heart and even personally makes the outfits for some of her friends such as; Natsu, Erza, Levy, Azul, and sometimes Gray (but gave up on him after a while since he strips a lot and just makes him spare clothes just in case).

As a dragon slayer, she too suffers from motion but the only cure for both Natsu and her is when they are in contact with one another in any transportation. == Relationship(s)

Natsu Dragneel Edit

At first the two had a rough start when they were kids due to Avery's strange hatred for humans, but that all changed thanks to Natsu who was able to tear down Avery's walls and make her to person she is today. Natsu and Avery are very close childhood friends and show a strong bond. Even though Avery considers Natsu and Gray as her best friends, he still tries to prove himself to her that he should be her only best friend and not Gray. Both are considered a perfect match for tag team fights to many (excluding Gray). They care deeply for each other and will risk each others necks for the other. And because of this many think of them as a couple much to their embarassment. 

They're always on teams but it only depends on what missions Avery is assigned that both Natsu and Happy can join her and Azul, accompanying one another constantly. Natsu also breaks into Avery's house just as he does to Lucy, though she doesn't really mind it since he's been doing it for years as kids and they two have constant sleepovers whenever she is home. The two have made a promise to one another to give a present to each other when it's either of their birthday. Meaning Avery is the only one to know how old Natsu is and when he was born.

Happy Edit

Being best friends with Natsu, she is very close to Happy and always fulfills any of his requests. She sometimes helps him hide from Azul but can no longer do anything if she finds him. There are times Happy would tease her relationship with Natsu, but this easily gets past her and often confuses it for something else.

Lucy Heartfilia Edit

The two first met when Team Natsu was having their first mission together to retrieve the lullaby. Avery considers Lucy as the only person she can console about her feelings since Lucy is the only level headed person in the guild and fears how their friends would react if they knew. Lucy and Avery have a sister-like relationship and Lucy is very protective of the girl when to comes to her 'innocence'. Avery is a little annoyed by this and confused as to how she came to that conclusion at times but appreciates Lucy's concerns. Lucy is one of the many who can see how much Avery cares for Natsu and supports her.

Gray Fullbuster Edit

Gray is a fellow teammate of Avery's and childhood friend. Even though Avery considers Natsu and Gray as her best friends, he also tries to prove himself to her like Natsu. Gray would often try to impress her as best as he can, and there's even a rumor that he even confessed to her in secret but was rejected. She tolerates his stripping habits unless caught by surprise if he suddenly strips infront her without warning. Gray tries to control this habit for her sake. Avery provides clothes for Gray whenever he loses his clothes, surprising Lucy on many occasions at the sudden pair of clothes the dragon slayer provides. 

He too fights her in order to prove his strength like Natsu. Still, she considers him to be much stronger than her, even though she can easily beat both him and Natsu in a heartbeat during their constant spars with her. 

Erza Scarlet Edit

Avery and Erza are descibed as the disciplinary duo, both being good at disciplining the giuld but Avery is considered an angel compared to how brutal Erza is. She is the only one to not fear the mage's evil looks and often times scowls her choices such as the time in the Galuna arc when Erza was only thinking of bringing their friends home rather than saving the village from the moon drip. They respect one another greetly and Avery considers Erza not only as a role model to her, but also as an older sister. Avery admires how strong Titania is. When she learned about Jellal and what he had done to Erza in the past, she mindlessly attacks the man in rage at the thought of what he had done to her friends.

Erza trusts Avery and is just as protective as Lucy when it comes to Avery's innocence, but usually goes astray to that and follows on the events that were unfolding in the guild.

Azul Edit

Have been partners since her birth and are in-separable. Even though Avery disapproves Azul's constant love confessions and intense displays of affection to Happy, she still loves her no matter what. They travel together on every mission Avery takes. Unlike how other Dragon Slayers use their exceeds as mean of flight, Avery uses her own flight magic to fly but whenever she's in grave danger Azul is always there to save her from falling. They both have each others backs, even though Azul tends to leave Avery in fear at the sight of every monster that is in the list of the exceed's phobias. 

Rival(s) Edit

Lancaster Edit

Ex-girlfriend of Laxus, the Lightening-make user has an intense hatred towards Avery. Although Avery doesn't entirely feel the same way, but hates her just as much as Lancaster constantly harasses the guild by abusing her current status as a Rune Knight as a means to do so. Like the rivalry between Natsu and Grey, the two are always at one another's throats each time they encounter one another.

Magic and Abilities Edit

Storm Dragon Slayer Magic: Avery is adept with her Dragon Slayer Magic and and uses it in many different ways in combat. Like withall dragon slayers, she can consume her respective element to replenish her energy, with the exception with that which she can create. Her magic, though, has one advantage indifferent situations if her element isn't available. She can consume other elements and combine it with hers in order to make it into a powerful storm, but if she consumes too much of the foreign element she can still feel sick afterwards. Not only can she control the whether  At times she needs assistance from her friends for this, one example can be Azul using a fan to help Avery. Avery is unable to fully control her magic, and because of that she considers Natsu and her friends being stronger than her seeing as how they have much better control than her. The more unstable her emotions, the more deadlier the storm she creates is. 

  • Storm dragons roar ( Ranryū no Hōkō) : The user quickly gathers and releases wind from their mouth in the form of powerful, wild tempest blast.
  • Storm dragons wings ( Ranryū no tsubasa ) : The user rise her hand above her head collecting wind energy. Then swing her hand and release several numbers of scale shaped wind masses flying at the target.
  • Dance of the storm dragon ( Ranryū no odori ) : The user creates two piral streams and place them at her own place, in order to block a long ranged attack. Used for defensive and offensive purposes.
  • Storm dragons double claw ( Ranryū no Nijū tsume ) : The user ignites both hands with wind to assault the enemy with a powerful wind enhanced slash attack.
  • Storm dragons Boreas ( Ranryū no Boreasu ) : The user collect wind energy into one hand then throw it directly at the getting in contact with the target it explodes and take form a a large whirlwind.
  • Storm dragons spiral Jaw ( Ranryū no Rasengaku ) : The user jumps in the air and, when they are upside down, transform wind into storm on their legs and kicks the opponent while rotating.
  • Storm dragons tornado: The user creates an enormous tornado, hitting enemies nearby and sending then flying up in the air, damaging every part of their body.
  • Storm dragons crushing leg ( Ranryū no Hassei ) : The user ignites one of their legs and then swings it in an arc, striking the target with a powerful kick, strong enough to blast the enemy.
  • Storm dragons crushing fang (Ranryū no Saiga) : The user cloaks one of their hands in a whirlwind and strikes the target with their fingertips, leaving behind a trail of wind, and swipes the target in a claw-like fashion.
  • Storm dragons wing attack ( Ranryū no Yokugeki) :The user generates a large wind storm from each of their arms, which twists and rotates to attack the targets in the surrounding area.
  • Storm dragons turbulent fist (Ranryū no Ranken) : The user engulfs her fists inbstorm winds and punches the target, sending them flying in a circular motion as the wind continues to push him away by force.
  • Storm Dragon's Downburst (Ranryū no Daunbāsuto) : The user creates a storm above themselves and the opponent, then produces a straight-line of moving air that also produces a downdraft in the process. The draft impacts the ground, crushing those underneath and pushes those outside of it away as a strong vortex of air curls and pushes out over a small portion of the surrounding area.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts:

  • Shattering Wind: The user sends a slice of wind and cuts any near object in half, shattering it into pieces once cut on impact.
  • Tempest Gale: Storm Drill:The user only uses this when surrounded by clouds and strong winds, dives downwards into a spinning motion at the same time gathering both elements together and hits the opponent, causing a huge amount of damage to the body from the immense pressure and is strong enough to create a crater that is 12 acres of land. (restricted of use by Master Makarov)
  • Tempest Gale: Ritual Dance: The user can only use this spell with a partnered dragon slayer, their hearts and mind have to be one in order to successfully act this spell. Holding each other arm in air saying the same chant that sound similar to a vow, both dragon slayers combine their elements together and create a huge storm that is combined with the other elements. It can be compared to Unison raid, but the difference between these two spells is that this one reflects the feeling of trust between only dragon slayers.
  • Tempest Hailstorm: The user raises only one hand in the air and blasts a giant wind pillar up towards the sky, then crashes downwards onto the enemy with full force, gathering any other elements from up in the air, like lightening, snow, or rainwater.

Dragon Force: Although Avery has yet to use this ability, she has revealed to have used it once when she was 7 years old. This was a few years before joining Fairy Tail. With this said, it can be said that Avery is the youngest out of all the current known dragon slayers to go through this state. She can go into dragon force at will without consuming Etherion or any high source of magic, it is unkown why.

Unison Raid (Yunizon Reido):  A spell which allows two Mages to unite their Magic into a single, combined and stronger attack. Avery and Natsu usually combine their Magic elements to perform powerful spells, hence why they're called the 'Fire Storm of Fairy Tail'.

  • Fire & Storm Spell: Avery and Natsu combine any of their spells, increasing in both destruction and speed in every spell.

Enhanced Smell: Avery has a very high keen sense of smell. Avery can easily smell for her friends as long as any of them are in a 20 mile radios. Although, not intentionally, there are some smells that she can sense unwillingly and is very sensitive to disgusting smells. Avery can also, as a result of knowing them by memory, can catch scent of anyone familiar nearby instantly, despite only familiarizing with the scent for a short amount of time.

Enhance Hearing: Even though hers is not as strong as Natsu's, Avery still possesses exemplary good hearing. But this can be her weakness when hearing things at a high pitch, leaving her deaf for quite a few short moments.

Sixth Sense: Combined with her enhanced hearing, she can hear the voices of the deceased and can, occasionally, see their astral bodies. Avery can converse with them, and according to her, if they are willing to listen or if they still have the ability to communicate. This ability has its faults as Avery has a hard time in locating where the voice is coming from as well as having after affect of using this for a long period of time. It is only eventually revealed that it is actually a curse- a curse that is meant for her to forever hear the ghosts of her pasts. Who placed this curse upon her and why has not yet been revealed yet. 

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Through her past experience in the guild's constant brawls, being asked to duel by many of her allies, and faced many foes, she has displayed a strong fighting style both bare-handed and when equiped with any type of nearby weapons. She uses her legs most of the time for fights rather than her fists

Trivia Edit

  • Avery was once meant to be a Wind Dragon Slayer but due to how many readers pointed out how Wendy is a Sky Dragon Slayer, the magic was slightly altered because of that.
  • Her original name was Avory Sky
  • The original concept of Avery is much more different compared to her current appearnace. She has gong through rapid changes, but was decided that the other images were to be used for different future works.

You can find the two stories at these two links:



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