Athena uses Goddess Magic, a type of magic that is similar to Godslaying magic in the way that it allows you to take on the abilities of a goddess. She also uses arc of embodiment magic.


Athena actually had a good life. She had a nice family and friends. However, she experienced major anxiety issues, as well as constantly criticizing herself. She loved greek mythology. One day she walked into a bookstore and spotted a book on Greek Myhtology. When she read it, she discovered goddess magic. However, she still had one final wis- for her imagination to come to life. That was all she wanted. One day, a package was delivered to her, which taught her Arc of Embodiment magic. For some strange reason, however, she could not use her magic in combat, and her dreams, which she had nightmares whenever she used it a lot.


Athena can be shy, socially awkward, anxious and critical of herself and occasionally others. She is opiniated, funny, smart, and kind.