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Asher Santrace



Asshā Santrace


Broken Strings




15px-Female male




164 cm




November 5

Hair Color


Eye Color

deep turquoise with specks of gold

Blood Type


Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy tail

Previous Affiliation


Guild Mark Location

Right shoulder


s-class wizard


Fallen Willow

Previous Team



May-Na Wang Naomii Kisama

Previous Partner(s)


Personal Status

S-Class Wizard


Unnamed Mother(deceased) Unnamed father(deceased) Suki Dawn(twin)


Morphetic Abilities


throwing knives

Asher(アッシャ) is one of the only known successful hybrids of a demon and a human. Orphaned at young age, Asher began his bloody journey at the age of seven. After murdering the dark guild that ripped his parents away from him, he continued on to become one of the most dangerous wizards in Fiore. With his usual power, he obliterated many foes on his quest for vengeance in till he was apprehended by the magic counsel. There he was handed over to the fairy tail guild for rehabilitation

Appearance Edit

After the death of his parents Asher abandoned personal hygiene completely. His once beautiful golden-blonde hair fell over face in dirty strands. His eyes dulled and were almost aways plagued with black circles and creases. He carried himself with confidence however he aways seemed somewhat underfed and dirty.

One he was taken to fairy tail he assumed his normal appearance. He cut and hair and put on some weight. In no time he soon resumed his normal radiant appearance. Golden-blonde hair framed his handsome face nicely. His deep set turquoise eyes are easy the most memorable thing about him. They sparkled golden in the evening sun, highlighting his cocky grin and pale complexion.

History Edit

Asher was born to an unnamed human father and demon mother as a hybrid of the both of them. His birth was the result of a experiment, thus he was was negated. The majority of his chilhood was him being ignored by both his parents. This resulted in bouts of depression and a desperate need for attention. When his parents were slaughterd he felt utter despair. He couldn't ever get his parents to love him know, he was lost beyond redemption. In turn he simply went on a murder spree, eliminating one dark wizard after another.

At this point in his life Asher had become somewhat deranged and a was teetering on the edge of reality. The magic consul soon captured him and he was imprisoned in till the master of the fairy tail guild offer to take him. The consul was against the idea at first but he was only eleven at the time. Thinking maybe he could have another chance at life the allowed him to go. They called it "the redemption act" Asher had no say in this what so ever. He at first, was rather angry. Aways shouting, aways screaming. Soon he realized that his attempts at pushing his guild mates away was futile. He was accepted and finally got the loving family he needed.

Personality Edit

Having grown up in the troubled situation he did, Asher become rather unsettled and violent. As a child he felt rejected and ignored. His loneliness manifested into an obsession to make he's parents love him or at least acknowledge his presence . It was his purpose in life, he's reason to live. When they died he cracked. The mental abuse and stress began to overflow. He was only seven at the time when he committed his first murder.

Over the years he shunned himself from the word only of focussing on his goals. He slipped farther into depression while hate and anger took over him. He was slipping in and out of reality, stumbling around praying for the nightmare to end when the magic consul found him. By then he was feared by many. It puzzled some that such a young boy could be so corrupted. Asher aways replied with a snarl or deadly glare. As much as he hated to admit, their comments stung. He was still human, he still felt emotion like pain and sorrow. When the magic consul dropped him off at fairy tail, he wasn't sure how to act. He tried to push everyone aways, creating a barrier from him and the outs world. Finally two girls managed to draw him out of his shell. May and Naomii helped him embrace the beauty of living. They taught him forgiveness and self worth. He in return promised to protect them forever.

Currently Asher is more reframed and his personality is vastly different then before. He can still come off as a little brash and loves throwing sarcastic barbs at anyone who annoys him. But know he truly feels love towards his fellow guild mates. They are his family and he will do anything to protect them.

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