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Aello Van Denend

Witch Aello (by Mystic guild members)




15px-Female Female






118 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation

Mystic (dark guild for some of my ocs)


B-Class Mage

Previous Occupation

Second-in-command Mage (Witch, as called by Mystic guild members)



Previous Team




Previous Partner(s)


Personal Status



Paper Blizzard Eye Magic (Paper Eyes)

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Magic and Abilities Edit

Paper Blizzard: This magic allows Aello to control paper with different effects. She uses it in a similar way to Kamika.

  • Paper Form: Like Kamika's paper body, she can transform her body into amber coloured paper and manipulate herself in the form. Though she can change one body part of her's to paper as well.
  • Blaze Storm: Red paper bursts into flames. She can do this with one paper or multiple papers. Not only can she control the paper in her hand but she control red paper in general. Of course, she must be able to see the paper in order to control it.
  • Ice Storm: Light blue paper turns to ice. She can manipulate it like blaze storm. She can use it to freeze enemies or to even create walls of ice.
  • Crystal Storm: White paper turns to crystals, of which can trap the enemy. Much like the others storm abilities, she can manipulate it from a distance. It's defensive abilities are considered stronger than that of the ice storms.
  • Sound Storm: Violet paper radiates intense sound. Depending on how much violet paper she is controlling, the sound may be louder or quieter.
  • Sorrow Storm: Blue paper, when in contact with skin, will attach itself to the enemy. It will then make the enemy feel sorrow and remember sad past events. This can be broken by remembering a happy moment or by removing the paper. That is why Aello tries to put the paper on the enemy's back.
  • Plant Storm: Green paper will land on the ground. Much like a seed, a plant will then sprout out of it. The plant itself is completely random.
  • Lightning Storm: Yellow paper will spark with electricity. She can control it much like blaze storm.
  • Shadow Storm: Black paper will cast a dark shadow over the area. Not much use unless accompanies by person stealthy amongst the shadows.
  • Regular Storm: She can use Amber paper and manipulate it. It has no real effect, but can be used to block attacks. It can also form a tornado, which can pick up things lighter than a human body.

Paper Eyes: Her amber eyes will start to glow when using this ability. This ability allows her to transform another person into a paper form. She does not need to keep eye contact with the other in order to keep this ability going, but cannot use any other spell. Not only that, but she has to stay within 6 meters of the other. She will usually use it to aid her team. This ability is not permanent.

Backstory Edit

Equipment Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Aello means whirlwind, while Van Denend mean from the end.

Quotes Edit

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